keeping everyone happy

The Christmas tree is up and December is officially here. So we should be feeling happy and joyful, right? Magic is in the air! So how come I feel overwhelmed? I love the twinkling lights, the cinnamon candle I’m burning smells good and there is a chill in the air. It’s a festive time of year–but that doesn’t mean I have to feel festive–at least not all the time. It’s still real life, right? Mornings are rushed, dinner time comes too quickly and by 8pm I’m ready for bed. As a mom, I feel responsible to make everything run smoothly, to keep everyone is happy and to somehow make every moment magical. It’s an impossible task I put on myself. It’s too much pressure. And bottom line–it doesn’t work.

keeping everyone happy3

Today I’m reminding myself–every moment doesn’t have to magical. I’d rather have moments that are real. Real is good. Real is honest and true.

Today I’m reminding myself–It’s okay to not feel happy. It’s okay if I don’t’ feel happy or the kids aren’t happy. The pressure to be happy doesn’t make anyone happier. It’s okay to feel tired or sad or even angry. It’s okay to not be okay. And strangely, things are more okay when I let them be what they truly are.

Today I’m reminding myself that grace is real. I have a family that showers me with grace. I have friends that don’t expect me to be perfect and actually embrace me in my brokenness.  This community is real. In the craziness of life, we share our stories–the beauty and the mess. I love that.

Instead of keeping everyone happy, I want to keep things real. To let this journey be what it is–beautiful and crazy and messy.


  1. Wow, needed this message today. I have been so unhappy and just not in a great mood for the past few days and have been beating myself up over it. Thank you for the reminder that it is okay to just be who you are, not someone who you think you should be!

  2. I NEEDED to read this….. desperately. I feel pressure from work (I’m a school teacher), I feel pressure as a mom, pressure to work on my marriage, pressure to create magical holidays for EVERYONE in my family…… and then the events in San Bernandino happened and my idealism came to a crashing hault. Your very important post was a far gentler reminder. Thank you a million times over for keeping it real. We all need to do that. Can you make a bracelet of that? 🙂 I love your things….. thank you!

  3. You always inspire me! I’m so thankful for you:) I’ve been struggling with “happy” lately;/ Why doesn’t hubby seem “happy”? Are the kids “happy”? All this worrying keeps me from “happy”! Trying to take your wise advise and just let the moment BE. Life’s hard, messy, emotional and real. I shouldn’t expect “happy” all the time:)

  4. Thank you for saying it out loud! This is the time of year I get the most quiet and introspective and tentative. I need to just be okay with that. xo

  5. thank you for this! i have to remind myself its ok not to be happy. and i feel so much better. imagine that! ha!
    i read somewhere that happy isn’t the default emotion. we should strive for wholeness that encompasses all the emotions.

  6. It’s a good reminder for all of us, Lisa. I need that grace today more than ever. I’m feeling some intense pressure as well. But I want to remember to enjoy the little “real” moments.


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