hello sweet friends!

i am so ready for the weekend! we’ve had some busy days where david’s energy level seems off the charts. we call him ‘destructo-boy’ as he moves around the house ‘re-arranging’ everything and clearing off tables and generally making a huge mess. it’s so fun to see him happy and energetic, but to be honest i’ve been feeling pretty discouraged.Β  last week he broke a decorative lantern and a wood chair in a fit of crazy energy. and sometimes i get down when i know this isn’t a passing phase. this is david and as much as i love him, it can be exhausting!

the last few days i’ve made sure to get some good sleep and some good cuddle time with him. too much busy-ness in my life makes me less patient and makes it harder to cope with discouragement.

there is so much good and so much to be thankful for. and i want this to be a happy place where you come and get inspired and feel uplifted. but it needs to be an honest place, too. lately i’ve been discouraged, and that’s real life.

i’m sending out a big hug today and hoping you all have some rest and downtime planned for the weekend. we are heading down to san diego for bloggy boot camp on saturday and some good family time planned in there, too.

how do you find rest when you’re discouraged?