last week {with family in town} we visited hearst castle. it was one of the homes mr. hearst owned. its located up on a hill overlooking the ocean in san simeon.

i’ve done the regular tour 2 or 3 times, but in december they offer a special evening tour. they take you to lesser seen parts of the castle and there are docents dressed in 1920’s costumes. it was magical to see the castle at night.

when i started scrolling through all my pictures, i couldn’t help but notice all they glowing lamps i captured. so pretty. the home is filled with valuable antiques and works of art. most of the ceilings we saw are 500 years old and imported from spain. the detail is breath-taking.

hearst came from a wealthy family {they made their money in silver mining} and hearst is best known for his publications {which still include cosmopolitan and good housekeeping}. after walking through room after room filled with treasures and art i started reflecting on contentment.

was hearst content with all he had? i doubt it. am i content with what i have been given? i want to be. i want to be grateful and enjoy the beauty in my life without spending my time and energy wishing for more. things don’t bring happiness {at least not long term}. whether we have little or much, contentment can be hard to find.

how do you find contentment?