amazed by david

my head is full of thoughts about this little boy.

while we were in england he decided to sneak out the back door, down two steps, past the side gate and into the front yard. steve and i were absolutely flabbergasted since david is very cautious around stairs and always wants help descending. i love when he shows independence, but it’s also concerning since we never know what he’ll do next!

earlier today i was reflecting on how much has changed in the last year. last summer david was fragile–constantly fighting colds and looking toward open heart surgery. i worried about him so much. now he is stonger, healthier and more energetic. he does new things every day and is communicating more and more. it makes my heart so happy to see him grow and explore–but it does worry me too. i feel like we have to watch him more closely. and we’ve been child-proofing the house even further–like replacing all our glasses with plastic tumblers. we also plan to install a gate at the top of our staircase.

today i am so incredibly thankful for david’s energy and adventurous spirit. and today i’m not going to worry too much. i want to let him be a kid and i don’t want to hover over him all the time. he is showing more independence–which means i need to let him have more independence!

today i’m amazed by david and what a miracle he is!

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  1. Hey Lisa, I blog over at, and just the other day I blogged about our sweet daughter Harper, and her new diagnosis of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. I just received a comment that directed me to you, and I have so enjoyed scrolling through your history and learning about your amazing David. It’s so encouraging and comforting to see what a happy life you have together, it’s really wonderful. Harper has a mild case, so we’re pretty unsure of what that means, but for now we’re very happy and hopeful. Thanks for sharing your story, it does my heart good!

  2. Hi Lisa. I have a son with special needs and he is such a joy. I have been searching all over blogland for someone who might have some creative and beautiful ideas about making a home beautiful, happy and safe during the holidays. I haven’t been able to find many nice plastic substitutes to all the glass decor you see all around, and I just can’t put him at risk. Two Christmases ago my son bit into a glass tree ornament that shattered in his little mouth. Do you have any tips? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Rachel! Oh my goodness–that is crazy. We keep everything very “David-safe” around here because he’ll break anything breakable within reach. For the christmas tree we use a lot of knit stockings and crocheted snowflakes. I have a few breakable ornaments higher up. Target has some darling plastic, glitter covered snowflakes. Happy decorating! xo

  3. I love to read updates on sweet David. I am so glad to hear he is growing and strong 🙂 Sometimes we forget as adults that its ok to be innocent and curious…
    I was just thinking of you today when I was wearing your free bird necklace. A vendor at the farmers market commented on it and liked how the bird was out of the cage and “free”Hope all things in your world continue to bring a smile to your face. Hugs.. A

  4. Your post brought a tear to my eye, it is so wonderful when a child with additional needs gain the next step in independance. It lifts your heart and can get you through some of the harder times. My son is autistic and allowed three of the neighbours children into his room this week to play it only lasted 20mins but it us a huge step for him. Something I took for granted is huge progress for my son. They never cease to amaze us x

  5. Awww, what a special gift David is to his family and to all of us! Thanks so much for sharing your life experiences as it gives us all hope and joy! God bless!

  6. You are such a good momma. Way to enjoy the moments with healthy doses of worry mixed in. Love seeing photos of your family. They just adore you.

  7. It’s always something with our mommy hearts, isn’t it? That constant pull between hovering and encouraging independence is difficult. Glad your mommy heart is experiencing joy at the growth in David! He seems like an amazing kid!

  8. My sister-in-law just delivered her first baby in the wee hours of this morning. A little boy. He was born 7 weeks early and without some fingers and toes, among other issues, due to amniotic band syndrome. I’ve thought of you & David over the last couple months since they were given this diagnosis. You guys have been an inspiration and encouragement. I know that sounds sappy but it’s true. Thank you for continuing to share his story!

    1. oh kelly! i am praying for her and him and your family. life certainly doesn’t go as planned–but there is so much beauty. i am so glad to be an encouragement. sending a big hug. xo

  9. how wonderful for him … and for you. he is lucky to have you as his mama. (i just noticed the pictures below of david with you in the what i wore wednesday post – SO adorable!)

  10. His independence is inspiring to me, as I think through fear and the conquering of it. That David… exploring and adventuring on his own, and his mama, letting him do so. Love this.

  11. I remember well the day our DD figured out she could be independent. We had moved into a new home with a ramp system and my DD figured out that she could get out the door “all by herself”. She decided she was going to head outside and check out the neighborhood. Like any 8 yr. old she was curious. She didn’t go far, just down the street to the corner and back, but I can tell you I was frantic! Once I got over the “she’s disappeared” fright I realised we had hit a HUGE milestone. Isn’t it wonderful when you finally get to the stage where they are ready to try their wings! Go, David, GO!

  12. Lisa,
    Being able to watch your family as you all grow and learn has been an amazing journey, even if from afar. I love reading your blog. Thank you for allowing us into your life and sharing your beautiful sons with us. They are both such amazing gifts from God!

  13. He really is a miracle, Lisa. And God knew what He was doing when He gave him to you and Steve. He is so blessed with the love and care you give him. And he has a very special brother, too. What a blessed family and I’m glad to know you and call you friends. love and lots of hugs

  14. and I am amazed by you and what an incredible mother you always give me so much inspiration. I have loved following your story Lisa and look forward to more. Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. David is such a blessing to you and to us as mere casual observers. Thank you for sharing your David with us. It fills my heart with love and joy!

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