my head is full of thoughts about this little boy.

while we were in england he decided to sneak out the back door, down two steps, past the side gate and into the front yard. steve and i were absolutely flabbergasted since david is very cautious around stairs and always wants help descending. i love when he shows independence, but it’s also concerning since we never know what he’ll do next!

earlier today i was reflecting on how much has changed in the last year. last summer david was fragile–constantly fighting colds and looking toward open heart surgery. i worried about him so much. now he is stonger, healthier and more energetic. he does new things every day and is communicating more and more. it makes my heart so happy to see him grow and explore–but it does worry me too. i feel like we have to watch him more closely. and we’ve been child-proofing the house even further–like replacing all our glasses with plastic tumblers. we also plan to install a gate at the top of our staircase.

today i am so incredibly thankful for david’s energy and adventurous spirit. and today i’m not going to worry too much. i want to let him be a kid and i don’t want to hover over him all the time. he is showing more independence–which means i need to let him have more independence!

today i’m amazed by david and what a miracle he is!