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mountain of gold

July 14th | adventures, san luis obispo

when my sister was in town a couple weeks ago, we took the kiddos to montana de oro. matthias didn’t want to go {he doesn’t like sand} but i forced him and he had a great time. all of us had a great time–and we found some treasures, too {but no gold}
as much as matthias doesn’t like sand, david loves it. me? i don’t mind it except for the mess. and i love the beach, so i am willing to put up with it. do you ever have to convince your kids to do fun things?!


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  1. ani says:

    we can relate! our oldest is a homebody, and his usual answer to “do you want to go do x, y, or z” is usually “i’d rather stay home”. however, once we get going he rallies and enjoys himself immensely :-)
    what a gorgeous day with family – thanks for sharing!

  2. Jana Miller says:

    yes…today I took them to Buffalo Exchange…a trendy thrift store-they loved it and on Sunday I pulled out the art supplies and started painting…they soon joined in. If I had asked them if they wanted to do art…they would have said no.

  3. Hillary says:

    Great pictures! Looks like so much fun!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    how beautiful! thank you for sharing these!

  5. Mari says:

    I had to convince them to finger paint! Your beach day looks like it was beautiful. What fantastic memories those kids are going to hold close for the rest of their lives :)

  6. Dana says:

    what a perfect day!

  7. Claire says:

    Love those pictures! David looks like he’s having a ball!


  8. kerry says:

    So pretty! I love beach living vicariously through you! My son needs to be coaxed into many things. Either that or he needs to somehow think it was his own idea and not someone else’s. A bit like his father that way really…

  9. My son never wants to do anything. I have to talk him into everything and that’s no easy task. Glad you had fun! I love the beach.

  10. Katrina says:

    All the time! My oldest (13) doesn’t want to do anything with the family. I force her of course and she usually ends up having fun. What can you say? Kids!

  11. Melissa says:

    I usally don’t have to force mine to do much, they are pretty game for anything!
    Love the pics btw, love seeing the beach since I am “land locked” and live in Wisconsin!
    Have a great wknd!!

  12. Rebecca W says:

    love the butterfly shirt! and the heart rocks.

    have to convince my 4 month old to eat sometimes…that’s fun right? hehe

  13. debhall says:

    we are ohioians and just returned from the beach – sand is so messy, but the memories are worth the “work”, right?

    my older daughter (8) needs to be coaxed but her 4 yr old sister jumps right in and when the 8 yr old sees how much her sister is having, she can’t stand it – and jumps in herself.

  14. Anne says:

    My younger daughter always was “slow to warm” to the group, to a task, something fun…but if I let her move at her own pace…she usually enjoyed herself. Now she is quite the daredevil…she is willing to do things I would never do or try. So…sometimes you just have to go with the flow and encourage them to give it a try. Looks like everyone had fun.

  15. Kelly H-Y says:

    Fun/beautiful pics! I recently convinced my kids (and hubby!) to go see the stage production of the musical Mary Poppins … everyone LOVED it … it was fabulous! :-)

  16. Laura {{* *}} says:

    ah…hearts & birds…
    i love your eye for these two special things
    in creation.

    {{* *}}

  17. Julie says:

    Uh, is that a snake by your feet?? It looks like you guys had a great time! Fun pics!

  18. Maryanne says:

    Hello, I recently read a tip that said if you put baby powder on your feet before you hit the sand, it won’t stick. I have yet to try this out, but I am intrigued. My kids don’t mind the sand, but I agree with Matthias. (Plus, I love his name. We have a Matthew, but we call him Matthias sometimes.)

  19. Melissa says:

    I love that beach, but was never allowed to swim there because of the steep drop off! I only get there every few years because I live in Colorado … Central coast is veery far from me :(
    I also have to force my homebody to do stuff – he always ends up loving it!

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