give them new life and make them beautiful! {trailer tour}

at the ruby rose show a couple weeks ago, stephanie brought a couple of her family’s airstream trailers. they buy them and give them new life and make them beautiful!

as much as i want a trailer, i know i’m not really a camping kind of girl. i made reservations at a campground last summer to MAKE myself camp with the kids, and we still didn’t go.

but maybe with a trailer it would be easier? in a trailer like this one we could cuddle and read and eat homemade cookies.

the kids could play by the ocean all day and sleep soundly at night.

and then sun would stream in to wake us and i’d walk to a nearby cafe for pancakes.

making memories in a trailer like this would be so charming!

and we wouldn’t need a clock. we’d just play all day!

does your family camp in tents or a trailer?


  1. I just got a 13′ Scamp and went on my first camping trip with my four kids. It was much more comfortable (therefore fun) than when I did the tent thing. Of course my trailer is not decorated anything like your photos….but I’m dreaming !

  2. My idea of a vacation is to have someone make my bed every day, and eat meals at a restaurant so there is no cleanup for me to worry about.

    i’ve never been a camper, but I’ve seen some cute little trailers that might make me change my mind–well maybe for a weekend trip. Of course, hubby would have to sleep outside since he snores too loud for me to sleep in such close quarters.

  3. We loooove camping! Just bought a tent trailer to make it easier with four offspring 🙂 coming from az to slo and gonna try Lopez lake out over the 4th of July!!! Can’t wait.

  4. Lisa,

    Didn’t see on the website any other way to contact you to ask a question. I had purchased the little feet necklace for my daughter on the birth of our first grandchild. I also purchased a pearl and an additional charm with my granddaughter’s name on it. We have a new granddaughter coming on May 26th and I would really like to get my daughter an additional charm to go on her little feet necklace. Are we able to just buy a charm with a baby name on it and perhaps an additional pearl?

    1. hi dianne! i believe additional charms will still be available but you can contact us at customer service at lisa leonard online dot com for details. xoxo

  5. I’ve never camped … but boy do I love Airstream Trailers and the pix you had look so cool – I’m glad they’re are doing this!!

  6. We have camped in tents , then tents with air matteresses & Ac (believe it or not! haha) then campers. If you are like me and like “fake” camping…Disney’s Fort Wilderness is great! Even with tent sitse…there are lighted pathways to the bathrooms!
    Or you can splurge on the “cabins”…I think they sleep 6…and have kitchens, etc. There are bike paths, boats to rent, playgrounds and movies and campfires at night.. and you can watch the electrical parade on the water and the Magic Kingdom Fireworks from the “beach”….you don’t even have to go in to the parks. My family loves to go there!

  7. We have a motorhome. We’ve had one for the past 9 years. We love it! We got it so that we could go places and Sean would still feel like he had a safe place to be. He doesn’t like being outside that much or people for that matter so it’s nice because we can get away from home. You should try it and definitely since you are so close to the ocean. I have seen the ocean one time in my life and hope to get to see it again. We have met so many wonderful people and they have all been so kind to Sean. You should definitely give it a try but I do recommend it be in a trailer, not a tent!!

  8. So Lisa, have we convinced you to try camping yet? Could you rent one of your friends airstreams for a weekend to try it out? Some campgrounds will rent out tent trailers that are already set up for you to save you the hassle of towing and setting up. Do you have any friends that camp? Going away with friends who can “show you the ropes” and share a bottle of wine around the campfire is also a great introduction to the great outdoors, plus the kids will have a blast together. It is something that you should try at least once so that you know from experience that it is not your thing.

  9. We started in a “circus tent”, 3 rooms, 10x 20 ft when the kids were 3 and 8. Woke up one morning to find the 3 year old Bunny Girl GONE. She was sitting in the open trunk of the car, trying to open a Coke. We have worked our way up through a pop-up, trailer, 5th wheel, and now that the kids don’t come with us much, a 40 ft destination trailer on a seasonal site. It’s nicer than our house, with a fireplace, ice maker, ceiling fans, a shower big enough to turn around in. It’s pretty far from camping, but I’m too old to sleep on the ground in a damp sleeping bag! The pop-up is great for families and we went to so many state parks and the Black Hills and had a blast!

  10. *first time comment* I LOVE CAMPING!!! 🙂 just had to make that clear. My husband proposed on a backpack trip in Yosemite, our first “date” was fishing and camping with my father, and we took our newborn son (3 weeks old) to Death Valley *early spring* in our cab-over camper for his first camping trip. A “Cab-Over” is another alternative to a tow-along or pop-up, and is def a step up from sleeping on the ground. WE LOVE OUR “HOME AWAY FROM HOME”!!! We even took it a couple weeks ago to stay in for a wedding in Yosemite. Saved us some major mullah!

  11. I like a tent. I don’t like all the trouble of hauling the trailer and hooking up the electric and what not. And I think trailers sometimes smell for a while after a rain. Tents do too, but they are kind of… supposed to, I guess?

  12. my husband & i are actually living in our 5th wheel right now. my husband was layed off & i couldn’t find a job, so we decided to sell our home in socal while we still had equity and take off on the road. last year we spent may – oct working in grand teton national park, wyoming and loved it so much we came back in april and will stay until october. we spend the winter in socal taking care of a family member’s home. it was a definite lifestyle change, but we are truly enjoying a lifestyle we never thought we would live in a million years. do yourself and the boys a big favor, go out and buy a cheap little trailer and get out and explore the world and make tons of great memories.

  13. camp all the time in a trailer. so much easier! best family memories created late at night by the fire. on dave + mine’s bucket list….restore an airstream and make it all pretty for just the two of us for when we are empty nesters. right now we have a 30′ trailer with bunk beds.

  14. I’m not much of a camper myself, but when we moved to Colorado last year we sort of decided we needed to get a little more comfortable with nature. So far that hasn’t happened, but I would seriously love to take a trip in a camper like this one!! 🙂 Parked beside a lake. Cooking under an open flame… yeah, it could be a real memory maker for sure!!

  15. We inherited a really nice camper from hubbys grandparents last summer. They had it sitting in storage since the 90s and it only had 16 miles on it!!!!!!!!!! We had some major cleaning to do, inside and out, but were super blessed that there was no damage from mice(literally, a miracle after sitting that long!)
    We took it out once last year(its alot of work and planning). We had a blast and camped at the most beautiful park/beach on Lake Ontario. Literally, there was a beach that was nearly uninhabited. We almost had it to ourselves.
    Campers may look glamorous(and dont get me wrong, they ARE fun) but you’d better have kids that can be easily entertained by simple thigns. We dont watch TV at home and we’re big on hobbies, games & reading. Thats a lifesaver when it rains while you’re camping and you’re literally trapped indoors!
    I am in lvoe with this airstream and have been since you 1st posted it. Im totally giving our camper a vintage makeover this year!

  16. We don’t camp…much to my husband’s great sadness, being a wild man from Alaska and all. I just can’t see doing as much work as I do somewhere else, but out in the woods away from my tools, being fun for me! Selfish?! However, my dream is that someone would GIVE me one of these trailers and a truck to pull it with. Then, we definitely would “camp!”

  17. We had a trailer exactly like the first one pictured. I loved it! (Anything vintage is great!) But we sold it because we outgrew it with three kids and a big dog. The new trailers are not like those at all. No character!

  18. We have a pop up camper we bought last year and we all love it. We go “unplugged” so no tv, video games etc. (of course the camper does have a frig, microwave, stove/oven, running water, heat, a/c & toilet-we are not animals he-he) but we spend most of our time outside. I love cooking outside and just sitting around the fire. My dream is to get an airstream when the kids move out & it’s just me & the hubby camping.

  19. we’re starting to talk about a pop-up camper – our girls are 4 and 8, so it is perfect time to give it a try. wonder if you can rent one for a long weekend? I tent camped back in my college days, and always had so much fun! this post definitely makes me want to try the camper/trailer type of camping. 🙂 so cozy – with all the fun of outdoors, AND the comforts of home. 🙂

  20. we just bought a 69 fireball travel trailer…and are in the midst of a total overhaul on her. we’ve named her fireball judy in honor of her maker and previous owner, and are having a blast creating a cozy home away from home. (although it is definitely A LOT of work.) we’ve always been tent campers, but are very much looking forward to a bed at night! there are cute vintage ones all over the place…you should go for it…your boys would love it!!

  21. We’ve done both, but not in a vintage Airstream. That would be the BEST! We have a cab-over camper now. Not big enough for a family. We had a 26′ trailer which was way more room than we needed, hardly ever spent any time in it. The best times were those we spent in a pop-up tent camper. Kind of the best of both worlds, it fits an amazing amount of stuff; very portable; can be towed with a variety of vehicles. You can personalize it, too. Make it your own. Tents alone are fun but a lot of work. I say keep trying (and really go this time) in a variaty of camping options. See which works best for you. You will have some of the best times of your life and make memories for your family.

  22. Way easier with a camper!!! We don’t have an awesome old airstream.. Needed something lighter to tow… Have gone with our 2 yr old to south dakota for a week & this summer going to attempt yellowstone with a toddler & our newest addition.. Lulu…who’s two wks old… Will be 3 months old by then…

  23. We have a trailer, but started out in a tent when it was just my husband and I. Then upgraded to a pop up and two years ago a trailer. WE LOVE IT! Our kids love to camp, sit around the fire, play in the woods, find frogs. So many good memories w/family and friends.
    The pics you posted of the Airstream are my dream! Some day when it’s just my husband and I that’s what I would like to get.
    Take your kids Lisa you won’t regret it!!

  24. If I had a trailer like that, I would camp all summer! My husband just bought our foster son a sleeping bag and we are signed up to go to Yogi Bear’s Birthday Bash in June at a Jelly Stone Park. We are sooooooo excited! I am thinking about bear themed things to take like gummy bears and teddy grahams…some honey!!

    We used to have a trailer but got rid of it because it was too little for us… but… we love camping!

  25. We camp in our tent every chance we get during the summer. However, our FAVORITE thing to do is to backpack in to a site and carry everything we need on our backs…. there’s nothing quite like carrying all of it for 7 days on our backs. Love it.

  26. I have an old trailer, let’s say it’s very retro! Last year I completely renovated the inside by myself it was so much fun to breathe new life into my little home away from home. The memories that my children and myself have made campng by the sea are some of the best times in our lives. Came across a truly inspiring blog about a couple and their winnebago…thewinnebagodiaries if you have a chance read about their adventures in creating a new home, you’ll love it!!

  27. Oh, I love those trailers! So charming! I am actually a pop-up camper kind of girl. We had several pop-ups growing up, and made SO many wonderful memories in them! Now that I have a family of my own, the furthest progress we’ve made with camping is a pitched tent in our backyard. Our youngest is still little, but maybe next year we will begin our family “camping” memories, but only if we get a pop-up (or of course, an adorable airstream like one of these)!

  28. I have actually never been honest-to-goodness camping. But maybe, if I had access to a trailer like yours (which is just so charming, by the way), I would want to. 🙂

  29. It is awfully fun to be out where there are only sounds of nature. Now that I have 4 kids, and am a little too germ concious, a trailer would definitely be my choice!

  30. We haven’t camped in years due to my son’s soccer traveling schedule. Although he is now 18 and is no longer playing. I was totally thinking of going camping this summer cause I miss it so much. But when we camp…we stay at KOA in one of their cabins. Just a small one with a full bed & a bunk bed. no bathroom but they are close by. They always have some activities for the kids, a store on site, pool, game room and even a playground.

  31. we are tent campers! we love going in tents even with our kids when they’re newborns. we are surrounded by mountains that scream “come camp!”. So we go annually with our kids.

  32. we camp a lot. i call it “luxury camping”. we have a 5th wheel camper and it has all the luxuries of home – tv, microwave, ac, etc. we love it. we go with family and friends and spend most of our time outdoors: fishing, riding bikes, playing cards and boardgames and our favorite campfire game is called “Mafia”. I’m having camping withdrawals just telling you about it. Good wholesome family fun – can’t beat it! 🙂

  33. tent so far only because we bought an Airstream a few years ago & are still redoing it. we hope to use it on the beach this summer. but DARN U!!! now that i’ve seen the cute pix, i want to start all over!!! 🙂

  34. tent so far only because we bought an Airstream a few years ago & are still redoing it. to use ithope to use it on the beach this summer. but DARN U!!! now that i’ve seen the cute pix, i want to start all over!!! 🙂

  35. We have a tent trailer, it’s the best of both worlds. It’s got the convenience of a camper (fridge, stove, STORAGE, and comfy beds) but it’s open to the outside, just zip down the windows and you can see everything. Best of all, it fits in our garage so we don’t have to pay for storage. It can be a bit of a hassle, but camping is by far my boys favorite thing to do. It’s all about making memories.

  36. Well we would love to go camping. Our son got a travel trailer from Make A wish and have only used it a couple times as the darn gas is so costly during the summer. Such a bummer!!!!

  37. Oh, you are so close to the beach, take advantage of it and go make some some wonderful memories. If you’re not sure if you are a camping kind of person, then an airstream like this one would be a great first step.

    We used to tent, but now we have a tent trailer and we love it. We are going back to the tent this summer when we get to go camping in the Canadian Rockies. We are taking the train to get there and then flying home. Oh, the memories from this trip will be great and I can’t wait!

  38. We bought a camper/trailer last year – we have enjoyed so many camp trips with our kids over the past year…great memories! This past Mother’s Day…off we went to the mountains. Even though I still had to cook and clean, it was so nice to have coffee outside in the meadow every morning and spend two days doing NOTHING but enjoy my family. There is something to be said for it!

    Sometimes we go to a campground where there are hook-ups for the electricity and water, sometimes we completely “rough it” like this past weekend, and sometimes we park on the beach at the lake for a week…

    You should try it – your boys would {LOVE} it!


  39. That look fun..

    Do plan and go.. it will be fun than you thought it would be.

    We have a tent.. we have gone to camping with cabin too.

    Do check KOA.. that have shower.. indoor bathroom!!

  40. We used to camp in a trailer, but then we discovered beach house rentals, so we sold the trailer and now only stay in houses!!! Nothing like a full kitchen and shower!

  41. lisa, i totally get your views of camping. when we started camping with all of our friends, we had one gal that made a reservation at a nearby motel, she wanted a bed and shower. the next time we lent her our trailer, still a few issues but better. fast forward 5 years and her family has a beautiful rig of their own and she is commited to the lifestyle! nothing like having your own espresso in the a.m., cozy linens and of course, the potty! when you’re ready to try, come see me at the rose and we’ll set you up.

  42. wow that does sound sooo nice! we usually camp in tents. I love it though. But, I HAVE to have an air mattress and my nice pillow. Otherwise the deal is OFF 🙂

  43. To be honest, camping is not really our cup of tea. I’d much prefer a b&b. 🙂 However, if we were to go camping I would require a trailer, particularly the Airstream one in your photos. So cheerful!

  44. We are tent campers, but that trailer is gorgeous! I love being out in the middle of nowhere with just the fam. Special times. Special stinky, dirty times. 🙂

  45. I’m not a camping kind of girl either! A trailer makes it seem a little better, but I’m still not totally convinced 🙂

  46. Well if I were a camper of any sort I would love to camp in something like this. However I have found that renting a condo that sits right on the beach overlooking the gulf works best for our family of four. lol 🙂

  47. As a child my family camped almost the entire summer. We spent nights on the beach in a tent trailer that were so much fun and then tents when up in the mountains. Now that we have a family member using a wheelchair we need the “hard space” a trailer provides. I can honestly say I don’t miss the rock that always seemed to find it’s way under my sleeping bag when I was a kid.. ;-D

  48. when my husband i married, i had spent an entire summer sleeping in a tent on the ground. we bought a tent and camped in it once or twice, but that was it.

    my husband’s family has rented property for over 40 years at a campground that’s adjacent to a lake, so we bought a trailer and parked it there year round. having a trailer is GREAT, and i’d recommend giving it a try. it is nice to have a private bathroom, albeit TINY, and your own kitchen/fridge, and there are also some that have A/C.

    go for it! you’ll not regret the memories you’ll make!

  49. Girlfriend I am with ya. I am not the camping type of girl. I like my warm cozy bed, running water and critter-free sleeping. Howver, My little boy will be 5 soon and all he wants to do is go camping…. “like real camping mommy, not pretend living room camping”. So I am guessing a night in the wilderness is in my future. I am thinking I just may need to convince the hubby a trailer is the only way I am going 🙂

  50. Primitive tent camping all the way! Makes for very interesting nights when thunderstorms roll in…ask me how I know.

    My granddaddy used to have an Airstream camper at the beach when I was little. I loved it! So cozy and everyone got to sleep together which every kid loves. Everytime I see one of these now it takes me back to my childhood.

  51. I camped once as a child (about 7) in a tent with my family and it was awful…rain, bugs, no running water, uggggh. I swore I’d never do it again. My husband keeps trying to convince me that one bad experience shouldn’t ruin all the fun. I might try it again if I had a trailer… But I do love my own bed & shower!! 🙂

  52. We are taking our first trip in our 1992 pop-up trailer this weekend with our boys, 3 yrs and 8 mths. I’ve been working feverishly trying to spruce it up. Your photos are so much cuter than anything I could come up with though…
    Fingers crossed the trip lives up to the hype!

  53. want want want!

    we have done tent camping — i think it would be so fun to go camping with Bauer! and then come back and give him a sudsy bath! hah.

    i need that trailer. soooo fun! ♥

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