yellow makes me happy

yellow daisies, dandelions and daffodils. buttered corn, ballet flats and bright sunlight. vintage pottery, cozy scarves and painted signs. yellow is such a happy, spring-y color. i love yellow! what’s your favorite yellow thing?


  1. It’s got to be the sun-weather its the one in the sky or the my own little rays of sunshine from my kiddos!
    Coming in at a close second has got to be my mustard yellow flats with a big gold buckle that I wear with everything-I sure hope they last me a lifetime!

  2. I love your blog-can’t wait to check it everyday! I read this post yesterday, and thought hmmm I have a yellow blouse I got at Old Navy that I love, but didn’t post it. Today driving around, in the rain, I kept seeing yellow things! A vintage yellow VW Bug & a pretty little yellow house with little flowers. They made me think of you! I need to start carrying around my camera more.
    Thank you for your blog. I enjoy it! Misty

  3. Yellow is such a cheerful color ……..i actually think it creates a cheerful heart ……..and “a cheerful heart is good medicine” Proverbs 17:22 …….I have a very soft bright yellow summer shirt that has been with me for such a long time and yet it still looks so bright ………i also have a pair of yellow fleece pajamas ……..and let me not forget the tiny pale yellow bird that comes to my feeder most mornings ……and the homemade banana pudding ( just a hint of yellow ) simply delish …..and last but not least Mr. Sunshine all throughout the spring & summer i await patiently !!

  4. I love the sun…any sunny day! Can’t wear yellow…I’ll never forget trying on a yellow swimsuit one time…my sister took one look and said”Take that off immediately…you look like you just washed up on the beach!” 🙂 I love your photos though…they make me wish I could wear it!

  5. yellow paint on walls.
    the sunshine on my back porch and our dog mya, snoozing in that sunshine.
    the way your camera enhances the yellows…love those pictures!
    yellow rocks!

  6. I love yellow too! Especially this time of year! I think it is a nice change from red that we see from Christmas through Valentines. I spotted a yellow chair and cute yellow flats thrift shopping the other day…wishing now I would have gotten them! Yeah for Yellow!

  7. I Love Yellow…can I tell you that your yellow pictures made me swoon…and while I usually do not wear yellow clothing I do use yellow accessories…I have yellow flats and a wonderful mustardy yellow purse.

    My craft studio is painted a wonderful yellow as well…

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. yellow makes me happy too.

    my interior walls are painted a subtle shade of yellow. making yellow (happy, cheery, bright) a canvas to our lives.

    though i heart yellow i can’t wear it. it looks awful on me.

  9. Lisa…I love yellow too…but, I have issues with it. Here goes…..I quit wearing it so much b/c I found it actually drew attention to me. UGH! {told ya I have issues..;-}

    I would receive compliments or people would say “Oh, your bright”…”Oh, you stand out”…weird as it sounds…some times I like to blend in with the crowd. I don’t want to get noticed.

    *especially when I run to Target with my jammie pants still on b/c I ran my kids to school and figured “what the heck I only need a few things and I will be quick”*

    So I have yellow around me but usually not on me.

  10. Love daffodils – sign of spring and hope for those batttling cancer. I also have a purse that I have not worn since last summer – need to get it out as I am getting really bored of all the black and gray I have been wearing all winter – it’s a hobo made of the sweetest yellow leather and has an oversize wooden button closure on the front … great burst of colour!

    Love your photos today (as always) … much needed as we go into a dreary early melt here in Winnipeg!

  11. Right now, living in the greater Seattle area, my favorite “yellow” thing is the SUN when it comes out! I cannot wear any kind of yellow well, but my second favorite yellow is butter… 😉

  12. Too many to count, it is one of my top three colors! So cheery! But, if I had to choose…I would say daffodils!!! They are my favorite!
    I am having a giveaway over at my blog, I would LOVE to have you join in!!!!

  13. So happy to see this post! I love yellow too! I love my yellow mug, shiny sandals, bright sunshine, and pretty nail polish.

  14. I keep thinking that yellow is just a phase for me. . .because I do that with various colors. But It’s been awhile now & I haven’t really moved on. 🙂

    I’ve been looking for some really great yellow flats lately—perhaps to help get spring on its way! Or just to cheer me up every time I look down at my feet!!Regardless, I think it’s a need.

    As well as some good brown non-cowboy—already have those—boots.
    Know of any good ones? 😉

  15. I love yellow too. When I was maybe four or five I had a pair of really bright yellow patton leather mary janes. I LOVED(!) them. I can clearly remember them so clearly. Also remember just how much my Mom disliked (!) them. :o)

  16. My son’s yellow ducky bath towel…wrapping him up after a bath, all clean and smelling lavender delicous. He looks so adorable I never want to let him go!

  17. Yellow is my favorite color ever, I have SOOOO much yellow i love that sunshine and the prettiest flowers are yellow. and I love how popular yellow is becoming because now I see it everywhere and its divine!

  18. my daughter in law had a yellow purse when she came to visit at Christmas – so now i am on the look out for a yellow purse!!! it was just such a happy looking purse! funny huh?!and i’m also going to find some yellow pillows for my couch. As always your pictures are devine. thank you for sharing

  19. Love this collection of photos!

    Currently, my favorite yellow thing…the yellow Reeses Pieces. And they orange ones. And the brown ones too. Oh, happiness 🙂

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