friday love

i’m linking up with jeannett over at life rearranged to share cell phone pics from this week!

We took the boys to LA to see a specialist at UCLA. The visit ended with a whole new respiratory regimen for David that I’m hoping will help him fight all these winter colds he’s getting one after the other! And since we were down south we spent a few lovely hours at Disneyland. So fun.

This weekend involves three Christmas gatherings and a Christmas concert at our church. Ready, set, celebrate!

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Can you advise what david’s new respiratory routine is? I stop in and read you blog periodically. Love your jewelry. My daughter has DS and we fight a ton of respiratory issues as well. Just curious is there is anythign we could be doing better as well. Thanks!

  2. What a great combination, Doctors and Disneyland! I bet David was in “hog heaven.” Your post always bring a smile to my face and heart. Blessings to you!

  3. Hoping David’s new routine will help!
    Can you believe I’ve never been to Disney…anything?

    Tonight my family and my brother’s family are bringing a Christmas tree and full dinner to my grandparents’ house to get them all decked out. They are getting ooollld and need some help. We all love it! Tomorrow we tromp through the Olympic Mtns. to get our tree and spend all day decorating. Tomorrow night is a hot buttered rum party my hubby and I go to annually, and then a family brunch Sunday and baking for my annual cookie swap next week. Not a weekend of relaxation, but definitely one of my faves of the year!

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