Last week our family spent a couple nights in Santa Barbara. We needed a little time away, just the four of us. Can I confess something? Sometimes while we’re away, I start getting a little annoyed. It seems like we aren’t in sync and things aren’t going like I’d hoped.ย Instead of ‘going with the flow’ I start to feel grumpy.

After I gave it some thought, I realized my frustration stemmed from unmet expectations. So I asked everyone in our little family their priorities for our trip. I thought, if we can lay out what’s important to each of us and set some expectations, maybe we’ll all be a little happier. And guess what, it worked!

Steve wanted to go for a few bike rides. Done!

Matthias wanted to go see The Croods movie and eat pizza. Done!

David wanted to play piano and explore. {He didn’t say it with words, but we know what he wants} Done!

And I wanted to get a few family pics and shoe shop for the boys. ย On our first evening in Santa Barbara we walked to pizza and on our way back I asked if we could snap a few family pics. Everyone already knew this was important to me, so guess what? They didn’t complain. Woohoo! I set up my timer and snapped a few shots.ย 

A few family photos and my heart is happy! My expectations were met–and I felt more relaxed on our trip.

What’s important to you when you get away? Do you HAVE to have time to read a good book? Do you have a favorite restaurant that you want to go to? Do you need to sleep in to feel like it was a true getaway?