hello making space in the craziness

hello monday By October 22, 2017 7 Comments

Hello friends! It has been so busy around these parts–sometimes it’s our schedule that’s crazy, sometimes it’s just decisions and deadlines and mental stuff. It’s good, good stuff–so much to be thankful for–but being honest, I’ve had moment or two of hyperventilating and tears. Sometimes life is a lot, you know?

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello Beasley. We all need someone who’s got our back. This moment cracked me up.

Hello visiting UCLA and trying to find answers for David. He’s had pneumonia 4x in the last five months. They had him pose in the office with the pumpkin bear. This moment, and the look on his face, also had me cracking up.

Hello date night with my sweetheart. It was much needed and we had SO MUCH FUN.

Hello coffee and more coffee. I’ve become such a coffee snob–I want it really rich and with really good cream.

Hello making cauliflower tortillas {a low carb option}. We had some at a Mexican restaurant and they were so good!

Hello reading this book and feeling so inspired. I love it.

Hello dinner with friends and letting it fill up my soul.

Hello visiting a naturopath with David this week. I want to look for options other than steroids and antibiotics. I’m open if you have ideas. Please share!

Hello painting built-in bookshelves and watching the room brighten up dramatically.

Hello moving office buildings. I love the new space but moving is not my favorite.

Hello big announcement coming soon.

Hello Christmas season–it is upon us! Have you started shopping yet?

Hello to you. It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. Deep breath–all is well.

What are you saying hello to this week?


hello looking for beauty

hello monday By October 8, 2017 7 Comments

Phew! What a week! We are a little in the thick of it over here. Nothing awful, just the crazy stuff of life and feeling like I need some downtime. David has pneumonia again. Poor guy–and we need to some tests, like a swallow study, to see what’s going on.

When I need to soak up some beauty I pop by one of my favorite boutiques, Ruby Rose. It’s a vintage shop filled with treasures and the styling is spot on. Love it. It inspires me.

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello cacti sprouting new growth. Love it!

Hello giant green vase. It’s been calling my name for a while now. Isn’t it beautiful? So much texture.

Hello dress that wants to make a home with me. I’m sure we’d get along great.

Hello pneumonia for David–which means breathing treatments, antibiotics, watching his breathing closely and lots of cuddles.

Hello making shredded chicken in the crock pot. We’ve been putting it in tacos lately. I throw in fresh chicken thighs, a packet of taco seasoning and a jar of salsa. So yum and so easy.

Hello reading more CS Lewis. I’ve just started this book.

Hello meetings and shooting a video this week.

Hello warm days and soaking up the sun on my shoulders. Hello chilly nights and putting an extra blanket on the bed.

Hello days getting shorter. Can you feel it?

Hello watching Spiderman homecoming with Matthias this week. I had to promise.

Hello dogs who keep peeing in the house. I just bought a black light so I can find all the spots and get them clean. I haven’t used the light yet. I’m scared of what I’ll find. Yikes!!

Hello tarantula on our front porch. Terrifying! I’m really really hoping it was a random, one time thing.

Hello new IG shop my friend Faith just started. So many vintage treasures!

Hello brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


blue boho dress and boots

what I'm wearing By October 4, 2017 1 Comment

I found this Ulla Johnson dress in Santa Barbara, on sale and then marked down again. She is one of my favorite designers but her stuff is crazy expensive. It feels so Little House on the Prairie to me–and reminds me of dresses I used to wear as a little girl. My mom used to shop the Gunny Sax outlet to find us awesome dresses. The sleeves on this dress are actually puffy–but I rolled them up to tone down the ‘prairie’ look just a little.

It’s so comfortable and easy to wear. I love a good dress–even if it’s just an ordinary day.

This is my fave wallet from the new collection. It doubles as a clutch too.

And the North Star necklace is a favorite too! The 24″ chain length was perfect with this neckline.

On one side each charm is an initial, the opposite side is the braille initial–set with a stone to represent your ‘North Star’.

Do you ever wear dresses on an average day? Or do you save them for special occasions?

Ulla Johnson dress–Barney’s. Similar dress here. Frye Booties–Amazon. Wallet–My shop. Thin sterling cuff–My shop. North Star necklace–My shop.


hello finding a rhythm

hello monday By October 1, 2017 1 Comment

Last week I could not find my rhythm. Every day I felt like I was running from thing to the next–constantly behind. I think it takes me a week to recover from being out of town. Plus I got some kind of a stomach bug. This weekend we found some time to relax and regroup. I’m hoping to begin this week with a clear head.

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello morning at the beach. We got to celebrate a first birthday with friends. So fun!

Hello new glasses for Matthias–and me. Looks like I need to be wearing glasses on a regular basis now.

Hello celebrating Steve’s 43rd birthday. We had an English breakfast with scones and clotted cream and it reeeeally made me miss our English cousins. In the evening we went to a Shins concert and had a blast!

Hello spending time cleaning the house this weekend and then feeling irritated when anyone leaves anything anywhere. It’s seriously impossible to keep a house clean!

Hello warm days but cooler nights. The nights feel like fall–it’s so chilly!

Hello trying to use peel and stick wallpaper and failing miserably.

Hello camera that needs a tune up. It’s not working and I hope it’s fixable. I love my camera.

Hello ants all over the house. It’s a nightmare!

Hello making fish tacos and homemade salsa this week.

Hello reading this book {I got an early copy}. It’s SO GOOD. Go order it right away!

Hello eating red licorice from a big tub that’s leftover from the summer. At this rate I’m going to finish the whole thing by myself.

Hello working on some designs and drawings and hoping Matthias will show me how to use his drawing tablet.

Hello to YOU. It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found

What are you saying hello to this week?


hello Nashville

hello monday By September 25, 2017 No Comments

Steve took me to a concert in Nashville last week as a birthday gift. We saw a country music concert and explored the city. It is so inspiring! I love exploring with him.

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello murals all over Nashville. I love it!


Hello finding a spot for a kiss.

Hello used guitar shops with amazing instruments to try out.

Hello Steve playing the guitar–I love to hear him play.

Hello celebrating my dad’s retirement.

Hello messy house. Sigh.

Hello getting over a cold. I think we all got it this time.

Hello wishing I could sleep until at least 7am every day.

Hello grateful for time to write and read.

Hello loving this book. It was a gift from a dear friend. Isn’t CS Lewis amazing?

Hello happy to be back home with our boys!

Hello brand new week with beauty to be found!

Hello to you! What are you saying hello to this week?


For The Dreamers

inspiration By September 12, 2017 10 Comments
For those who feel stuck at a standstill.
For those who feel like they take one step forward and two steps back.
For those who keep dreaming, taking risks and keep believing.
A little poem for you…
This moment
I am not where I want to be
Pacing back and forth
Waiting and More waiting
Side to side
Right to left
I cannot stand still
Yet I am at a standstill

I gain no ground
Planted seeds that will not grow

This moment
I am not where I want to be
Two steps back
Stretched thin
I have been here before
Why am I here again?
I need to learn what I did not learn last time
A Second Chance
A Do Over
A Try Again

This moment, Finally
I am where I want to be
With every side step
Every back and forth
Every step back
Every setback
I have been preparing
But ready
To leap
To become

This moment
My someday becomes my now
My maybe becomes my yes
My what if becomes my what is
My impossible becomes my plausible
My inconceivable becomes my feasible
What I have seen with my heart, I now see with my eyes
I step out
With every seed I have sown
With every stretch my heart has grown
I step bravely into the unknown


hello reading

hello monday By September 11, 2017 2 Comments

We’re watching less screens around here–it’s quite the battle–but one worth fighting. Without screens we’ve played more games and spent time reading. It’s awesome.

How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Hello reading with David. He loves it and I love him! Have you seen the new kids version of Wonder? Such a beautiful book!

Hello hats–perfect for lazy days when I don’t want to fight my hair.

Hello Matthias starting flag football at school.

Hello checking the news and praying for Houston and Florida–and beyond. Just impossible to take it all in.

Hello walking the pups more. They start out super spunky and come back out of breath–and we only go around the block!

Hello watching this series. Matthias is super into anything King Arthur lately.

Hello wearing glasses. I can’t see anymore. I almost failed the vision test at the DMV!

Hello sharing one bathroom while we work on updating the others. It hasn’t been as hard as I anticipated.

Hello feeling tired. I’m not sure why? It’s probably my body telling me to rest {seems obvious but so often I don’t listen.}

Hello new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


It was beautiful

finding beauty By September 7, 2017 106 Comments
When I was nine years old my mom took me shopping for new shoes. Mine were worn out and too small and it was time for a new pair. As we entered our local Payless shoe store, I spotted a pair of emerald green flats and fell in love. These shoes were going to change my life.
“Please mom?” I asked.
“They’re not very practical.” She answered. “Do you promise you’ll wear them?”
“I promise.” I said
We drove home and I skipped into the house thrilled with my new green shoes. I could hardly believe I owned something so beautiful. They were mine, all mine.
I wore them even though they gave me blisters. I wore them when the color scuffed off around the toes. Eventually they wore out completely.  No matter how tightly I tried to hold on, their beauty faded.
I felt a little sad when we cleaned out my closet and bagged them up along with other too small or not needed items. But soon something else caught my eye.
A couple weeks later, my friend Marie invited me to her house to play.  When she opened her bedroom door I saw a four poster bed with a white ruffle canopy. I had never seen anything so fancy.  It was so beautiful I could hardly stand it.
It is the first time I remember feeling jealous.
I wanted that bed to be mine. But I matter how much I begged and pleaded, I knew my parents would never buy my a four poster bed with a ruffle canopy.
The green shoes wouldn’t be the last time I would try to own beauty and hold it tightly.
Marie’s four poster bed with a ruffle canopy wouldn’t be the last time a would feel jealousy and longing.
As I became an adult I still craved beauty. When Steve and I were engaged I was sure i could find something–incredible wedding photos or the perfect couch or the right lipstick–to satisfy my craving. For a short time I would enjoy these things but their beauty faded. Nothing seemed to keep that jealous ache away for long.
When I was 38 weeks pregnant, we learned something was wrong with our baby. I was quickly admitted to the hospital and two days later, Steve and I held our first son, David.  He was 4 lbs, 2 oz and had only had two fingers on his left hand. We were told he had a rare genetic disorder called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome This wasn’t the baby I dreamed about. The beautiful life I had planned was slipping through my fingers. I imagined years filled with doctor visits and wheelchairs and feeding tubes. We loved David dearly, but in those first days, I couldn’t imagine beauty as part of our story. The pain of losing the baby we expected combined with navigating David’s physical needs was almost unbearable.
I was fully aware for the first time in my life that I was not in control. I began to understand I had never been in control.
I worried a lot less about finding the right lipstick and spent that energy taking care of our new baby.
I wasn’t as concerned about having the perfect home. Instead I focused on rare quiet moments with my husband while our baby was sleeping.
When David was ten weeks old he smiled for the first time. His smile was like glue healing the cracks in my broken heart.
It was beautiful.
When he was three months old he laughed for the first time. It was a rolling giggle and it was the most incredible sound we had ever heard. Steve and I looked at each other with unbridled joy.
It was beautiful.
When David was eighteen months old, his brother Matthias was born. We were relieved to meet our healthy, happy baby. Matthias balanced out our family. He was exactly what we needed.
Steve and I had two boys.
They were beautiful.
We bought our first house and filled it with thrifted furniture we sanded and painted.
It was beautiful.
Money was tight those first years. We paid our bills every month but had little left over for fun.
Sometimes we would splurge and go to Dairy Queen for chili cheese dogs. I treasure those memories with the four of us sitting in the booth at DQ.
It was beautiful.
During a particularly difficult financial time, someone from our church slipped $500 into Steve’s briefcase. We were in shock. To this day we have no idea who gave us that money.
It was one of the most humbling gifts we ever received.
It was beautiful.
Last week I stood on the beach staring at the glittering ocean waves. I let the salty ocean air fill my lungs. My heart was happy.
It was beautiful.
There is beauty in a hot cup of coffee.
There is beauty in sitting with a friend and sharing our hearts.
There is beauty in sunlight coming through the window.
There is beauty in slowing down to rest.
There is beauty in an impromptu dinner with friends.
There is beauty when my arms are tired from holding my boys.
There is beauty in the emptiness of loss, because loss means I have loved.
There is beauty in the dark places–where we least expect to find it. I have found on the hardest days, beauty shows up in real and miraculous ways.
The tighter I try to hold onto beauty, the more it slips through my fingers.
When I look to my outward beauty, my home and material things to fill me I become frustrated.
Beauty cannot be owned or possessed.
Beauty comes to me when I open my eyes and open my heart.
Beauty comes to me when I stop trying to control things and let them be what they are–messy and amazing.
There is nothing wrong with green shoes or four poster beds with a ruffle canopy. There is nothing wrong with a new couch or the perfect shade of lipstick. These things are beautiful gifts–ours to enjoy for a while. But the little things; a smile, a tiny giggle, an anonymous gift, a small hand in mine, the ocean waves, the sun warming my shoulders, these are the most beautiful gifts of all.
I want to hold beauty with open hands. I want to remind myself although I cannot own it, there is no shortage of beauty. It’s impossible to run out of beauty because the God of the Universe has filled his creation with beautiful things. He gives us gifts to enjoy, to soak up and to share with others. There is an endless supply of beauty around me. My arms and my heart are full.
In fact, this very moment, right now, is beautiful.

hello come and eat

older posts By September 4, 2017 5 Comments

Hello friends! Steve and I have been cooking a bit–nothing fancy–just yummy meals to try to bring our little family together. Yesterday morning we made bacon, eggs, sweet rolls and French press coffee. He makes a mean egg and perfect bacon. I set the table with chargers and runners and linen napkins and it makes it feel more official somehow. Bri McCoy’s book arrived at the perfect time and I can’t wait to read it. Today is the LAST day to preorder the book and get some extra goodies! Click here for more info.

How about some hellos for a new week? ❤️ 

Hello setting the table with pretty things–like a salt cellar, pepper grinder and salad tongs.

Hello using chargers and table runners and linen napkins. The texture makes my heart so happy. And a happy heart is a good thing. That gorgeous macrame runner is from this handmade shop.

Hello savoring the last couple bites of breakfast. Yum.

Hello trying to hydrate in the midst of this INSANE heat wave we’re having.

Hello thinking about Houston and praying for people who are beginning to put their lives back together.

Hello cleaning out closets and feeling embarrassed by the amount of stuff we accumulate.

Hello third week of high school. David is loving it. We are trying to encourage more independence for him. It’s hard for me–to be honest, I baby him too much. But I know it’s so important.

Hello second week of 8th grade. Matthias is loving it too. We are trying to encourage more responsibility for him. It’s hard for me–sometimes it’s easier to do it myself. But I know it’s so important.

Hello SALE in the shop–have you had your eye on something?

Hello feeling grateful for a day off.

Hello to you. It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


Hello paddleboarding

hello monday By August 21, 2017 5 Comments

I went paddleboarding on Saturday in the ocean and it was so fun! I went a couple years ago I paddleboarded at a lake–but it was very smooth and easy. I wanted to try paddle boarding in the ocean and it was definitely do-able. The board can easily stabilize when a wave comes by. For me it was getting over the fear of falling and just relaxing.

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello trying something new–lately I’m trying to yes more and put myself out there.

Hello time with soul friends. I was at a writers’ retreat over the weekend and it filled me up.

Hello doing some work on our bathroom to update. It will be messy before it’s better–kind of how life is, right?

Hello writing and writing and writing some more.

Hello cooking new things. I want to try this dish–I’m thinking maybe I’ll add chicken to make it a main instead of a side.

Hello reading this book and finding it just as romantic as the original! Jane Austen is a favorite–and all things related to her.

Hello wanting to get back into walking regularly. I’ve been out of my routine this summer and I want to walk and hike more consistently.

Hello wishing I was more organized. Sigh.

Hello trying to keep up with texts and emails and failing.

Hello feeling very thankful David had a great doctor visit last week!

Hello starting school this week! Hello new year, new teachers, new things to learn.

Hello to you! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?