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50th celebration photobooth

July 30th | celebrate the every day

For my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary we had a big dinner with lots of pretty details and a photobooth. It was such a fun evening. I have lots of pics to share. Today I’m starting with the photobooth pics. I pulled each couple and family outside to take capture the moment. I draped torn fabric and ribbon for the backdrop–but with sunlight kind of blew it out. That’s okay–it made for a bright background.

I brought letterpress blocks from Dayspring and they really broke the ice for taking pics of people. L O V E seemed appropriate for a 50th anniversary. Ready to see our photobooth pics?! My parents are in this first pic {along with old friends–Dave was my Junior High pastor!}
photobooth lisa leonard150th photo booth lisa leonard-1650th photo booth lisa leonard-03 photobooth lisa leonard250th photo booth lisa leonard-07 photobooth lisa leonard350th photo booth lisa leonard-11
Have you ever done a photobooth at a party? It’s such a fun ice breaker and makes for a great keepsake of the evening. Check out the letterpress blocks here–they’re so charming!


hello celebration

July 27th | adventures, family, inspiration

Later this week we’ll be up in the mountains celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. It’s sure be fun with a lot of crazy mixed in. How about some hellos for a new week?

***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***
cousins LL-01-2cousins LL-01-3 cousins LL-01

Hello cousins and aunties and uncles and grandparents. Hello big family!

Hello mountains, cabin sleeping, and starry nights.

Hello driving winding roads and trying not to get carsick.

Hello swimming and hiking and board games.

Hello making memories.

Hello breathing deep and letting life be imperfect.

Hello celebrating 50 years of marriage. I think you have to be a little bit crazy to be able to stay married that long, don’t you?

Hello to YOU! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?

I am anchored.

July 22nd | jewelry, what I'm wearing

Have you seen this necklace? It’s become a favorite this summer–not just because I love the nautical feel, but even more so because of the meaning behind it.

anchored lisa leonard wiw-01

I am anchored. Anchored by love, by hope. Some days are hard, so I hold fast to my family and friends who speak truth to me.

anchored lisa leonard wiw-02

It’s such a pretty little necklace–it goes with everything. And I love the mixed metal–sterling anchor and 10k gold heart.

anchored lisa leonard wiw-03

All summer long I’ve been rotating between different kimono cardigans. Easy layering is the best!

anchored lisa leonard wiw-05

The lace on this cardigan is what drew me to it. Perfect with heels or flip flops.

anchored lisa leonard wiw-06

Here’s a close up of the necklace. That sweet little anchor started as flat metal and I transformed into that shape. I kinda can’t believe I made it. I’m getting better at metal working and soldering.

anchored lisa leonard wiw-08

How about some rings? I’ve got so many stacked up. From left to right–passage ring, anchored ring, my grandmother’s ring paired with a chevron ring, sunburst ring and my wedding set. You can see all rings here.
anchored lisa leonard wiw-09

Outfit details: My new favorite jeans ON SALE!, Nordstrom, DL1961. Tank, Old Navy. Sandals, Kimono cardigan, local boutique, similar here. Anchored necklace, My shop. Rings, My shop.

What keeps you anchored?

update on jazmine

July 21st | dominican republic, finding beauty

My heart is so happy today! I have an update for you about Jazmine, the precious little girl I fell in love with in the Dominican Republic last February. While doing a home visit one day we ended up meeting Jazmine, her brothers and her grandmother. It was a life-changing experience and honestly, I can hardly talk about it without crying. If you haven’t read my post about Jazmine, you can start here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.02.07 PM

Jazmine stole my heart. I think her often. When I tuck my boys in for bed at night, I pray that Jazmine knows she is loved and precious. This little girl, with a severe disability, lives tucked away on a mountainside in the Dominican Republic. She matters. She matters to God, she matters to me, and she matters to Compassion.

After we left Jazmine’s home, I wondered if I’d ever hear from the family again. Well, good news! Compassion has been keeping me updated on Jazmine’s care and her family’s needs.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.02.21 PM

Compassion International has helped Jazmine’s grandmother get a wheelchair that will enable them to get around easier. When Compassion brought the wheelchair to Jazmine, her grandmother said,

“ I am very happy, we have been waiting for a long time to have a wheelchair, others has promised it but never keep it “
“I feel like a child with a new toy!”
“Now, I can visit church, it is more easy to transport Jazmine”

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.05.00 PM
Isn’t that exciting?! I hear Jazmine loves her wheelchair. I’m told she smiles when her grandmother straps her into her chair. I mean, she’s got wheels now. She will live more life, see more things and be able to move!
And there’s more! Our Lisa Leonard community was able to purchase a bunk bed and new bedding for Jazmine and her brother. So instead of the whole family sleeping in one bed, they’ll be able to have their own space. We should be getting photos of that soon and I’ll share them with you. This community is making a difference. YOU are making a difference!
If you’re not sponsoring a child, today is a good day to change a child’s life.
Click here to sponsor a precious kiddo from the Dominican Republic. It’s beautiful, amazing thing!

hello friends hello incourage

July 20th | blog friends, hello monday

Hello friends! I am fresh back from the {in}courage retreat. I got home last night and I haven’t even unpacked yet! It was a sweet time to connect with old friends and get to know some of the ladies better. I had time to rest, have some great conversations, eat yummy food and even get a massage. Heaven! If you’re not familiar with {in}courage, it’s an online community with daily blog posts to encourage your soul. I’m part of the group of writers–and I’m honored to be in this group! It’s Monday, how about some hellos?

***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***

hello friends hello incourage-02hello friends hello incourage-01 hello friends hello incourage-03 hello friends hello incourage-04

Hello confetti fun!

hello friends hello incourage-05 hello friends hello incourage-06

Hello loving the ‘friendship on purpose’ collection from {in}courage. Such sweet prints and more.

hello friends hello incourage-07hello friends hello incourage-01-2 hello friends hello incourage-08 hello friends hello incourage-09 hello friends hello incourage-10 hello friends hello incourage-11 hello friends hello incourage-12 hello friends hello incourage-13
Hello sweet friends.

hello friends hello incourage-14 hello friends hello incourage-15 hello friends hello incourage-16 hello friends hello incourage-17 hello friends hello incourage-18 hello friends hello incourage-19 hello friends hello incourage-21hello friends hello incourage-20

Hello familiar faces. Do you see faces you recognize?

Hello Nester’s barn. Such an inspiring space. Wow!

Hello time to talk and share my heart and heart others’ hearts. So good.

Hello hotel living for a few days. I love it when someone else makes the beds and coffee!

Hello warm North Carolina nights {and days!}

Hello thunderstorms like a monsoon!

Hello exercising while I was away. I don’t even know who I am anymore! It’s like I crave exercise.

Hello coming home to a clean house. What?!

Hello missing my boys and feeling so incredibly thankful to be home with them.

Hello brand new, beautiful week. Ready or not, here we go!

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments or link your own hello monday post there.

linen shorts {oh my!!}

July 15th | stitch fix, what I'm wearing

When my stitch fix box arrived last month, these shorts were inside. And I thought, “No way.” But I decided to try them on anyway and I thought, “Well, maybe.”  And after a week or so they’ve become a summer staple. I haven’t worn shorts in about 10 years–so this is a pretty big deal for me. Sometimes it’s the little things, right?

If you haven’t heard of stitch fix, it’s a monthly box service. You pay a $20 styling fee and they pick out 5 items for you to try on at home. Keep what you want {and apply the $20 styling fee} or send it back. It’s kind of awesome. I’ve included my referral code in the links if you want to give it a try!

It’s Wednesday and I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration.

linen shorts lisa leonard-01 linen shorts lisa leonard-02

linen shorts lisa leonard-05 linen shorts lisa leonard-06Outfit details: Short, Stitch Fix. Tank, Old Navy. Cardigan, Anthropologie. Sandals, Target. Wholeness necklace, My shop. Swing free earrings, My shop.

Today I’m packing for North Carolina to hang out with the incourage writers. I can’t wait to see them.


hello whale watching in avila beach

July 13th | family, hello monday, san luis obispo

We’ve had humpback whales off Avila Beach for weeks. We took a couple evening to walk along the ocean and look for them–and we say lots of backs and tales and spouts, but no jumping. So many of our friends had seen them jumping up out of the water to feed. We went back for lunch at Avila Beach and spent some time watching for them in the early afternoon and we finally saw a few pop their heads out of the water. It was amazing! So fun to whale watch from the shore.

It’s Monday and we’re greeting a new week. We’ve been busy with summer fun and work craziness. I’m not sure we’re ready to jump into another week but ready or not, here we go!

***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***

whale watching in avila-01


Hello palm trees, ocean breezes and blue skies. It’s so beautiful where we live. We try to take time to enjoy it as much as we can!

whale watching in avila-02

Hello pelicans above us and diving into the ocean to feed. So cool!

whale watching in avila-03

Hello to feeling afraid. Matthias was worried about the stability of the pier. There were so many people out there whale watching. A couple days later, they closed the pier to make sure it was structurally sound. So maybe his fears were well founded!

whale watching in avila-04

Hello to hugs and cuddles from a dear friend. Love is a beautiful thing.

whale watching in avila-05

Hello cameras with long lenses. People have been getting some amazing photos! Check the shots this local photographer got. Awesome!

whale watching in avila-06

Hello old friends. These guys went to high school together. So thankful they’re still friends!

whale watching in avila-07

Hello watching and waiting and resting.

whale watching in avila-08

Hello growing up together. These boys are getting so big!!

whale watching in avila-09

Hello big smile, summer hair and evening light.

whale watching in avila-10

Hello to one of my favorite smiles in the whole world.

whale watching in avila-12
Hello resting on daddy’s shoulder. Life is good.

Hello preparing to meet up with the incourage writers on the east coast this weekend. I can’t wait!

Hello BBQing and loving the long days.

Hello emails and laundry and dishes. Always.

Hello to YOU. It’s a brand new week with beauty waiting to be found. Join me? Leave some hellos in the comments section or link your own hello monday post there!

folly home, carpinteria, CA

July 9th | san luis obispo, shops i love

A couple weeks ago, Chrissie and I stumbled on the SWEETEST little shop in Carpinteria {just south of Santa Barbara} called Folly. It’s full of vintage finds, paintings, pottery, textiles and light. So much inspiration. Take a look…

folly home carpinteria california-15folly home carpinteria california-01 folly home carpinteria california-02 folly home carpinteria california-03 folly home carpinteria california-04 folly home carpinteria california-05 folly home carpinteria california-06 folly home carpinteria california-07 folly home carpinteria california-08 folly home carpinteria california-09 folly home carpinteria california-10 folly home carpinteria california-11 folly home carpinteria california-12folly home carpinteria california-17 folly home carpinteria california-13 folly home carpinteria california-14folly home carpinteria california-16

Hop over and follow @FollyHome on Instagram. So much beauty.

These pics make me want to create a new vignette with an awesome painting and some succulents. Love!

skirts, swept away, so much love!

July 8th | what I'm wearing

Oh this skirt. It’s so easy and very feminine. I wore it over the weekend with the same tank and flip flops. I love a pretty skirt! {And of course a pretty necklace}. It’s Wednesday and I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration!

swept away lisa leonard-02

The length on this skirt is my favorite.

swept away lisa leonard-04 swept away lisa leonard-05

I looked high and low for these sandals and I love them. I added an insole and it makes them comfortable for all day at the workshop.

swept away lisa leonard-06 swept away lisa leonard-07

The jacket and bag are both thrifted. Awesome.
swept away lisa leonard-08 swept away lisa leonard-09

These swing free earrings add a lot of fun and sparkle to any outfit.
swept away lisa leonard-10

And this necklace is classic enough to wear for decades. We’ll set a stone for each of your loves.

Outfit details: Skirt, Anthropologie. Tank, Old Navy. Faux leather jacket, thrifted. Sandals, Swell. Bag, Thrifted. Swing free earrings, My shop. Swept away necklace, My shop.

hello knapps castle {santa barbara}

July 6th | adventures, hello monday

Hello friends! We returned from a weekend in Santa Barbara where we spent time as a family and celebrated David’s birthday. One of the highlights of our weekend was a hike to Knapp’s Castle. It’s an old estate that burned down 70 years ago. I first heard about these ruins in Santa Barbara Magazine–they did a beautiful photoshoot there–and I was so inspired! {Click here to see the shoot} And, I’ve wanted to see it ever since! So we made the drive {about 15 miles from Santa Barbara} and it was so beautiful! The hike is super easy–not even really a hike. For more info on finding the unmarked trail that leads to the castle, click here. I took lots of pics for you. How about some hellos for a brand new week?

***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-01

Hello driving uphill. Even before the hike started the views were insanely beautiful.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-02

Hello open to the public. There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the owner will continue to allow people on the land. But for now, it’s accessible. {And you don’t have to climb through the gate, Matthias did that just for fun!}

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-03

Hello archways. I wonder what these looked like 70 years ago?

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-04

Hello amazing views! We could see lakes and mountains for miles.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-05

Hello high up. Hello touching the sky!

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-06

Hello amplitheater or staircase? Not sure what this was or how it fit into the house?!

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-07

Hello hot sun and no shade. We made sure to drink plenty of water. It was a lot warmer up there than in Santa Barbara.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-08

Hello family trip. Overall the weekend was exhausting and imperfect. We couldn’t seem to find our rhthym. But we had some sweet moments and some good conversations.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-09

Hello steps leading to the edge of the mountain.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-10

Hello holding hands and a cuddle. Love these moments.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-11

Hello to a pic with the two of us! Yay! Matthias is pretty good with the camera.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-13
Hello getting back in the swing of things–including grocery shopping, laundry and getting the house back in order.

Hello haircuts for the boys. Feels like we just got haircuts last week?!

Hello new jeans and shoes. These boys are outgrowing everything!

Hello keeping busy on these summer days. Matthias wants to stay home all day and draw or play video games and David wants to be outside playing. It’s balance keeping them both happy.

Hello tickets to Peter Pan for Friday night. I love that play and I can’t wait to share it with the boys.

Hello working out and working hard and playing too!

Hello brand new week with beauty waiting to be found. Join me?

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments or link your own hello monday post there!