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October 27th | older posts


a little bit of happiness brought to you by way of the color yellow.




a field of the sweetest yellow flowers.  i took this pic on a trip to cambria.

oh i wish we were going this weekend!




a yellow boho bag from target.  have i ever mentioned how much a i love target?  $16.  yes, i love it.




the perfect butter yellow in the perfect light-weight scarf.  this is a yellow i can actually wear with my peachy skin tone, and it’s neutral enough to mix with other colors. do you wear yellow?




yellow lemons.  beautiful all year round.  and this yellow door belongs to fiona bleu gallery in morro bay.

isn’t paint amazing?




vintage, yellow rose candle holders to be a christmas gift for someone dear.  and a new knitting project (not mine).

won’t that be a darling yellow scarf??




a yellow paper flower (look for a tutorial soon!) and the sweetest yellow sandals.


isn’t yellow a little bit of sunshine??

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  1. Jacky says:

    Lisa, this post was loovely! I love yellow. Really, it’s a pretty amazing color. God is so amazing, all the color he’s given us make me happy. =D

    That yellow purse and scarf are great! I have a mustard yellow purse (with a fun print on it) and a creamy yellow maxi dress, both from Target. I haven’t worn the dress yet, but I need to soon.

    P.S. I love your blog! I’ve been reading for a little while but rarely make it over to comment. I may be emailing you shortly with a question…=)

  2. esther says:

    thank you for the sunshine this morning.

  3. Sheila says:

    :) this brightened my day! I have a yellow gerber daisy in a beautiful bouquet on my counter right now.

  4. Ali says:

    This brightened my cloudy day and made me want to wear yellow! :)

  5. Jennifer says:

    I do love yellow, though I can’t wear it at all. Beautiful photos. I love that bag from Target, great price. I do hope the paper flower tutorial is soon, I’ve been wanting to make a bunch to put in a big jug for my daughter’s room.

  6. Meg says:

    Love this! Especially your lovely yellow shoes :) Thanks for the sunshine today… we need it down south!

  7. beth says:

    I love yellow…it’s so universal….and TARGET….oh I can’t even tell you how much I love that place !

  8. mandie says:

    Um, I LOVE those sandals! :) SO cute!

  9. Joanie says:

    I love yellow, and yes I do wear it. Your studies on color have been so fun. I love your perspective!

  10. wendy says:

    Lovely pics!
    I like yellow a lot – I try to put a bit of it in every quilt I make. Can’t really wear it though… or at least I haven’t found a shade of it that doesn’t make me look ill…
    Gorgeous sandals, btw :)

  11. treeathie says:

    Yellow looks terrible near my face, but shoes or a purse are great ideas!!

  12. Lauren Jordan says:

    I love yellow. I recently painted a room in my house yellow and it is literally like having a room full of sunshine! And I LOVE Target. I found some great things there yesterday…the cutest blue & grey plaid shirt dress, grey boots,Halloween goodies and a long dress for next summer for 6 bucks,yes 6 bucks!! :)

  13. Amanda says:

    I LOVE the colour yellow! It brightens my day whenever I see something yellow; thank you for brightening my day! I have a couple of yellow shirts that are quite bright, but I love them!

  14. jill watkins says:

    I have to be honest- I subbed to your feed because I love your jewelry. LOVE LOVE your jewelry. But now- yours is one of the first blogs I check- because its a feel good one. I love the pic of your son at the water fountain with the droplets – and I love the color themes- Orange was awesome. The boho bag? Rocks.

    So thanks for making me appreciate photography in addition to jewelry!

  15. Angie says:

    I love Target!! Your pics are great!

  16. Denise C. says:

    Yellow is one of my favorite colors! There is just something warm and comforting about it!
    And yes Target…ROCKS!!! 😉

  17. Tamra says:

    Love your blog and your work is beautiful!

  18. Robbin says:

    Pretty, pretty!!! Love it!

  19. Jessica says:

    I LOVE yellow and yes, I wear it. I wear it a lot. A lot, a lot. cause have I mentioned that I love it?

    Oh, yes I have.

  20. Kimberly C. says:

    Yes, I love your yellows and I do wear yellow. I want to wear those yellow sandals. Any chance they are still available somewhere??? I’m inspired by your post about tissue flowers. I have three birthdays this weekend and how fun it would be to adorn presents with these beauties. Thanks!!

  21. I just love yellow! And I adore that dress form…wherever did you find it?

  22. I LOVE yellow, and target, and your gorgeous jewelry, it’s really inspirational to me. I am just learning how to silver stamp and having a blast in the process! xoxo, RMichelle :)

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