Every morning I bathe the boys. It is a fun silly, time (usually). After I pull Matty out of the bath tub, I wrap him up with the towel, like a teepee and we play where’s Matty?! You’d think it would get old, but he loves it! From under the towel he says, “I haven’t seen him!” Cracks me up.

Saturday we went to a picnic for Matty’s school and chatted with friends. It was super windy. I got a picture of Matthias and myself, but with the wind my hair is literally like a clown’s wig, Nice! David’s has a double ear infection and just hasn’t been himself. He’s been really mellow and cuddly. Not wanting to walk much and not super silly like usual. I’m hoping he’s bounce back today or tomorrow! I do love thsoe cuddle though…

A few people have asked about stuff for Dad’s…so here’s my first creation. A keychain! I also think it would be cute to say, BEST DAD with the kiddos names. Any of the different pieces could be put on a keychain. These are $32