i got to take pictures of my friend jeanette’s new baby girls.  yep, they are twins–lucy & jill.  and i totally fell in love.  those girls made me work for it!  i thought, ‘this will be easy.  we’ll pop ’em in a basket and they’ll fall asleep.’.  uh, no.  they were squirmy and fussy and alternated cooperating.  i am actually sore today–seriously!  but it was totally fun, and i am so honored i got to spend some moments with them and bond.  please pray for jeannett, the babies and the whole family.  they’ve really been through the ringer lately.  they are finally home together which is a great start.


and i also got to play with big brother, henry for a while.  he stole my heart a while ago.  he was so easy to shoot–but then i photograph little boys all the time!!