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stackable rings.

December 7th | older posts

i’m thinking about offering hand-stamped, stackable rings. they are sterling silver and lightweight. very sweet, and whimsical! they would be about $28 each. what do you think?

this one is hammered.

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  1. Beth says:

    YES YES YES! love this idea! hmm….what should mine say? :)

  2. Joy says:

    very cool idea as usual. after the holiday rush, i want to talk about a charm bracelet for esther.

  3. laura says:

    Oh Lisa….this is a fantastic idea!!! I’m already thinking about what I want on mine!!! =D


  4. Jacquelyn says:

    looks nice, I’ve also been wanting to ask you about personalized zipper pulls. It would be a nicer way to keep track of their coats this season (instead of a sharpie).

  5. hannah m says:

    love love love them.

  6. Dandelions & Daisies Photography says:

    Lovely! I especially like the hammered style :) They would also be wonderful offered on a sterling chain!!

  7. Dandelions & Daisies Photography says:

    Lovely! I especially like the hammered style :) They would also be wonderful offered on a sterling chain!!

  8. Natalie says:

    Please do. These are so beautiful.

  9. debra says:

    i love.

  10. chrissie says:

    Love it, want it!

  11. Kristen Borland says:

    well, you did it again! another fabulous idea! (and i thought you were busy!)

  12. Jessica Witty says:

    Yes, please! Offer them now and I’ll order two for Christmas!

  13. pebbledash says:

    Definitely yes! you’re inspired…again!

  14. pennymalley says:

    No. Don’t do it.

    (…It’s just another thing I’ll have to have!!) :)

  15. Spina says:

    I love it! I’m so excited, you should totally do it! I would buy like 20!

  16. Kristen says:

    love them, want them – great idea!

  17. Jessica B says:

    I love this idea and would definitely buy some!!

  18. kendall. says:

    Already considering what mine should say!

  19. Jenny says:

    Those are cool! Can you put two names on one ring? I have tiny hands and 4 kids so while I love the stackable rings, it wouldn’t work well for me to wear 4 of them. But, yeppers, I really love these!!

  20. The Artful Eye says:

    These are wonderful rings. I love your jewelry. I’ll need to spend more time checking things out here. Glad I stumbled by.

  21. plumtickled says:

    Oh, yes. I think for certain these are just great!

    I’m so glad to see your business growing!

  22. Anouk says:

    OMG….They are super. Could you put more than one name on each ring?

  23. Kal says:

    Yes. I would like to order three right now if you offer them.

  24. Rojas' says:

    ahh yeah!!! want one today!!!!!

  25. hil says:

    There are just the type of ring I would like with my word of the year on it. Could you have a sizing chart/form/ etc? I only wear 1 ring…it’s my wedding ring finger size…hehe, no idea what #s that is?

  26. Eryn says:

    what’s not to like? darling!

  27. pjmesser says:

    So nice I really like them!

  28. alexandra says:

    absolutely – they’re fabulous!!
    I’d even wear them on a chain!!

  29. Wendy M says:

    Sign me up! I wonder how many I can stack on my finger? HEE

  30. Sarah Markley says:

    These are beautiful! Creative…

  31. eRiCa says:

    I think that’s an awesome idea. How thick or thin would they be?

  32. Lara says:

    Wow! You got lots of comments on this one.
    Actually I’d really like to get one of these for my sister for her birthday (Jan 4). She lost her purity ring not to long ago and has been wearing a really cheesy ring for the time being until she can find something else. This would be perfect. We’ll have to talk about it.
    You make the greatest stuff.

  33. Laura says:

    Wow, I’m impressed you’re very creative!

    I agreed with Jacquelyn about personalized zipper pulls.. it is better than writing black permanent pen on a jacket. When it gets too small for a child, the name is still on the jacket. That would be perfect to transfer from one jacket to another :)

  34. Corinne says:

    I love them. When can I order? :)

  35. Sara Gibson says:

    Those are very cool and I am going to add them to my large want list :)!

  36. Mel Seigfried says:

    Hi Lisa! I ordered a True Love necklace from you and I love it! I get lots of compliments on it! I love these stackable rings!!!! My vote is YES! LOL! I’ll be back with my Christmas money! LOL!! Keep up the great work!

  37. Amanda says:

    beautiful! I would so buy one

  38. dana says:

    i’d like three – happy, joyous, free!

  39. b*babbler says:

    Oh my – yes! Are these available to order?

  40. Tammy Tutterow says:

    I absolutely, positively want and need one of these!

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