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June 8th | older posts


i cleaned up the dishes this morning and then snipped this peruvian lily {alstromeria} from our backyard. nevermind that the rest of the house needs tidying and i won’t mention the laundry either!  i’ll just enjoy a clean kitchen and a sweet flower.  oh and maybe another cup of coffee and the sunlight coming in the window.  what is your something small today?

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  1. Roxy says:

    peonies and lilacs from my front yard . . . i picked them last night as we were to have a thunderstorm and they would be ruined, so I have four big, beautiful bouquets in our dining room. the rest of the house is a shambles, but my dining room is full of old-fashioned goodness and the most intoxicating smell . . .

  2. Christie says:

    Lisa, we’ve had a horrible couple of days — overwhelming BIG things. Thanks for the reminder to look for the small things. I think they may very well be the things that keep a smile on my face.

  3. Kimberli says:

    Like your blog says…”it’s the little things”

    My dishes are done, the diningroom table is clean, and the kids are showered and sleeping….until tomorrow all is quiet and good… =)

  4. Robbin says:

    Seeing old friends – my office buddies, including your husband. Not a small thing, but definitely something worth cherishing and remembering. And breakfast with Noonie. Just coming to visit my home away from new home.

  5. Priscilla says:

    my darling little birthday tea pot on my clean dining room table – brings smiles!

  6. Lisa Wood says:

    Love your post. I am a mum to five boys and the little things in my life is when they give you a hug when you least expect it, with a kiss and “i love you, mummy”. Those are the moments I treasure.
    A Mum raising five boys and trying to stay sane:)
    Lisa Wood from woodys.gomangosteen.

  7. Jenifer Terrizzi says:

    Holding my 4 day old infant daughter while I read this post. She won’t be small for long, cherishing the time that she is. :)

  8. Gina says:

    spending lazy summer day’s with my two sweet boy’s and new puppy !!!

  9. Wendy says:

    Lisa! Just had to let you know that I ADORE that photo of your family in your last post! So pretty!

  10. teresa says:

    my son comb his own hair this morning, without being asked. it’s a small thing, but big in a way.

  11. JenR says:

    beautiful flower and photo!
    my not-so-small thing:
    when I walked in her room to get her up for the day, my almost 3yo looks at me and says “I’m so happy you are my momma”, then gave me the best hug and kiss… filled my heart full

  12. Renelle says:

    “Little thing” of the day…taking pictures of an Anna’s hummingbird at my feeder this morning and capturing it’s beauty. :) I just love that God created SO many of the same thing (birds), but they are all so different and unique in their own way!

  13. Ev says:

    I take care of 6 kids during the day. One is my own and my eldest is at school. Right now they are all napping and I am sitting on the couch reading your blog and listening to the birds sing through the window. Ahhhh!

  14. Your photography is awesome!!!

  15. Jackie Smith says:

    Ahhhhhhh, My daughter is on a walk with her dad, my son is doing homework and our new “needy” puppy is sleeping……. so I’m enjoying the peace and quiet on the computer before…….my daughter gets home starts bugging her brother, stops him from doing homework, wakes up the puppy, then I’ll have to race both kids to music, then dinner, then showers….see where I’m going with this???….so I need to cherish the next few minutes!!!!!!…..then maybe enjoy a bite to eat at “Tommy Pastrami”

  16. these are good moments indeed.

  17. Lisa says:

    A few minutes alone with a friend driving to a work meeting. It is hard to carve time out of busy schedules and so even a few minutes is cherished!

  18. Denise C. says:

    Ladybugs. I love them. 11 years ago my first child passed away unexpectedly at the tender age of 7 months. After his passing ladybugs started showing up everywhere I was. I took that as a sign that he was around me. :)

    Listening to my kids laugh. Seeing my husband smile (his smile just MELTS MY HEART!) Even though things can get out of order, I try and reflect on how truly blessed I am.

  19. Jenn says:

    Two things today.
    1). Silence while working clay in my hands.
    2). Knowing that my husband’s recent decision to change jobs has made him a much happier person. He hasn’t smiled like this in over 2 years. Good to see him back again.

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