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Grandma’s Charm Bracelet
So, I’ve had many requests for what to do for grandmas who have LOTS of grandkiddos and I’ve come up with this. A simple and sweet charm bracelet. Each charm is about 3/4″ and can fit up to 14 characters. The bracelet is adjustable and includes 5 charms for $58. Each additional charm is $10.
I’m giving one away. Leave a comment and tell us a fond memory of your Grammy. Mine is sooo amazing–building forts in her backyard, digging for treasures in her barn, sweet cereals for breakfast and root beer with dinner, lots of hugs and lots of love. The woman is simply a blessing to all who have the pleasure of knowing her!

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  1. Stephanie M says:

    My grandmother is so young at heart. She was always playing dressup with us, loved to color with us and boy did she make the best fried apples and cinnamon. Never a frown on her face. She always wore a smile.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lisa

    Ohhhhh, this bracelet is so beautiful !

    I have a great memory of my grandma.When I was a child, my grandma used to live in a house with an amazing rose garden all year round (in Brazil). Everytime it was time for me to go home, she would say “WAIT” and would run to the garden, cut down a rose and give it to me so i could take it home.How sweet !

    Roses are now my favorite flowers !

    Big hugs
    Rita Correa

  3. cxar says:

    what a beautiful bracelet. I am a grandma and would love to carry my little ones with me at all times.

    My grandmother made the best cookies. I wish I had her recipes. She even made my wedding cake.

    grams-kelley at sbcglobal dot net

  4. carol says:

    the cxar person is me. I accidentally hit return when I was trying to hit backspace.

    grams-kelley at sbcglobal dot net

  5. Anonymous says:

    I actually don’t have any living grandparents, but I know a great grandma. She was a small group leader at my youth group, and has gone through thick and thin with her family…and through this I have seen her be an amazing mother and grandmother. My friend, and her youngest daughter, Laurie committed suicide 30 months ago. Since then her family has faced trials and challenges that would make me want to curl up in bed for days, but she never did. She pressed on with her faith strongly in God and showed what its like to depend on and believe in Him even when it seems impossible. She has been an amazing example to her sons and daughter as well as her 10 grandchildren. I think a bracelet would make her day. Have a great week!

  6. Melissa Garrett says:

    I came over from Mama’s Doodles, and so glad I did. I *love* the idea of a charm bracelet (which would be perfect for my mom – grandma to six – who can never remember all the kids’ names!)

    Just ONE fond memory of my grandma?? She makes THE best sandwiches. I even call them “Grandma Sandwiches” even though I am almost 30! There is just something about the combination of ham, lettuce, turkey, mayo and bread that just tastes SO good when she makes it. Perhaps it’s the bit of butter she puts on it as well. Oh! And her homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches – YUMMY! And she makes the best meatloaf – I just can’t do it like she does :-)

  7. Teresa says:

    I remember going on airplane to see Nanny. Fresh milk was delivered to her door and I could eat all the white bread and real butter that I wanted. Baths were in a metal tub in front of the fire. I didn’t know my Nanny well, she lived 8 time zones away in England, but I loved her, and know her through my mom.

  8. Christie says:

    Wow, I have SO many memories of my grandmother.. (mema, we call her) Probably my very favorite was when we spent the night at her house. I would wake up to the smell of pancakes and coffee, I’d walk into the kitchen and there she’d be.. standing in her soft long robe, flipping pancakes. She truly was always heaven summed up in one person to me… still is.
    One memory I plan to duplicate with my children and grandchildren: She used to sit down with me and on blank pieces of paper we would “design” clothes for paper dolls… it was so much fun!
    Thank you for the opportunity to share! Your jewelry is all gorgeous!

  9. The Girls says:

    I have soo many great memories of my grandmother but one of my favorites is just her zest for life and her strength. She showed me how to stay active and not let age get in the way, I always looked up to her for that!

  10. Jeannett Gibson says:

    My grandma raised me! I grew up with her and she would always take me to craft stores where she would buy me a new “project” to work on and then we would stop on the way home for Big Macs and a large coke. So unhealthy but such a treat!

  11. Joy says:

    my grandma taught me how to make lemon meringue pie. she always had to have a little swirl on top. one time my mom smoothed it out and my grandma got so mad. she was so sweet and she read her “daily bread” devotional every morning. also, she ran an auto body shop (after my grandpa died) and when we visited, we’d take turns going to workwith her . she always treated us to a foster’s freeze ice cream and gummi bears from the tobacco store down the street. sweet memories! beautiful bracelet!

  12. Camille says:

    I love every single thing you make! You are so very talented! Here is my grandma story:

    My Grandma O. is a little unusual compared to other grandma’s out there! She has fiery red hair and it always frazzled in everything she does (which is understandable seeing as she had NINE kids!). One Thanksgiving we were at her house when she ran in the room yelling “No, NO NO!” We were all concerned and followed her in the kitchen where she had just realized she had used Jello instead of cornstarch to thicken the Thanksgiving gravy. This, is my grandma in a nutshell.

    PS- I linked to your blog from mine, hope that’s okay! :-)

  13. Nichole says:

    what a beautiful bracelet!
    My grandmother died when I was very young but one of my fondest memories was her giving us bowls of raindow sherbet and then showing us how to stir it up until it became soup we could slurp….which was way cool for a 5 year old!

  14. Etta says:

    My grandma loved to play games with us. Every time I went to visit we played cards, dominoes, etc. I still love to play games to this day. I don’t think even THIS beautiful bracelet would hold all her grandchildren though. She has 11 grandchildren, 6+ great-grandchildre, and step-grand and great-grand children. But it would be great for my mom, who is a fabulous, fun grandma.

  15. Anouk Martin says:

    I so miss my Oma, what we called our Dutch grannie. I remember when I got my first Barbie doll, she bought one for herself too so that she could try the clothes she sewed for my barbie on hers. She would send them to me in the mail. How I looked forward to those packages. I’ll have you know, I had the best dressed barbie around.

  16. says:

    My Grandma (AKA – Nan) is the best. She could always make us laugh!

    Growing up my family would travel to show our beef cattle. Needless to say there were always cute cowboy in tight jeans. This one night, I was about 15, my nan and I were heading to our hotel room. While we were waiting for the elevator there was a very cute cowboy at the end of the hallway. My nan gave a good old whistle, the cowboy turned around and started walking towards us! How embassed was I! I have never wanted an elevator door open so badly then I did that night. When he was about 20 ft from us the doors open and we jumped in, pressed the button to close the doors, and laughed all the way up to our room.

  17. Ellen says:

    What can I say about someone who loves me unconditionally? She loves to hear all my stories, supports my decisions and cherishes the time we spend together. For one specific memory I’d say picking out a Christmas tree every year. We’d go to the lot, pick out the perfect small tree, then go to her house and decorate it. All the neighbors would comment on how cute it was.

  18. Deb says:

    Hi Lisa

    Oh how I miss my Grammy – when I was little and used to spend the winter holidays with her, she would stay up until midnight with me and we would watch Guy Lombardo welcome in the New Year and then we would go outside, in the cold (she lived in NY)in our pajamas and yell on the top of our lungs “Happy New Year”. We would giggle the whole way inside and go to sleep.

  19. Robin says:

    My grandmother just turned 84 in August (years behind my 92 year old grandpa who’s still funny as all get out), and is still my mentor and inspiration. I’ve always lived one block away from her house from birth through 17. Now I’m a whole country away.

    Memories: mom saying no cookies and then biking two minutes to grandma’s for four warm gingersnaps and milk (oops!); grandma praying with me for my grandpa’s salvation (still praying); grandma sewing me all my favourite dresses from patterns I had found in the craft store on our latest trip no matter how hideous the fabric was that I chose; sitting at her kitchen table after a boy had broken my heart and promising to name my first daughter after her (I still will!); planting and cutting sweetpeas at her house and then 10 years later putting them in my wedding bouquet just for her even though she couldn’t come; teaching her how to use email but forgetting to show her how to delete spam; going to nursing homes with her to teach the book of Psalms to persons with severe needs when I was in junior high; when she called me one hour before graduating university to congratulate me and then surprised me by telling me to hurry up downstairs from my dorm because she had flown 7 hours and I had better come hug her; and when my husband met grandma and she hugged him and said she’d been praying MY whole life for him.

    That’s way more than one, but she is truly the greatest inspiration in my life. Which is why I will have a little girl named “Eileen Lucille (Lucy)” someday.

  20. Laurie says:

    Whenever we bring home ‘fast food’ for dinner we joke that it’s food “just like Grammy used to make”! She was fortunate enough to have a 2nd husband who liked to cook so she never bothered to learn how. In her later years she would announce “Grammy’s cooking tonight” as she walked in carrying a bucket of KFC.

  21. sarah vrolyk says:

    that is a stunning design, lisa!

    I have so many fond memories of my grandma. She was a farmer’s wife and you could always find her in her kitchen baking and cooking. One of my favorite memories of her is the care she took with her african violets. She had a huge stand of them in her dining room and they were her pride and joy. Sadly, she has Alzheimer’s now and does not even remember much of what we all remember about her. I have an african violet in my garden window above my kitchen sink … and every time I look at it I think of her. :)

  22. Mique says:

    FUN GIVEAWAY! I love your jewelry.
    Unfortunately I wasn’t very close with either side of grandparents so I want to post about my parents with my kids now. My mom (Grammy) has made an extra effort to be in my kids lives. She been to all the fun places (Disneyland, California Adventure, Legoland, etc, etc), but I think what I appreciate the most is her (and my dad as well) effort to be IN my kids lives. Just be there for them. It means the world to me.
    Thanks again!

  23. samantha! says:

    I wanted to leave a message about my grandma and why I would choose to do her bracelet as such.
    she isnt my real grandma, I fell in love with her a her boyfriend, they are just silly together! when I worked at pizza hut and for 5 years they were my regular table. When I left we stayed in touch. I hadnt ever HAD a grandma and she hadnt ever had any grandchildren. SO we were the perfect match. she reminds me to be myself and laugh a lot. shes a sweet sweet woman with a heart of gold and a spicy flair for saying what she thinks. on the bracelet I would loooove for it to say “strong, sweet, funny, smile, love” because shes all of these things to me!

  24. Jill K says:

    Wow, I don’t know where to start…both of my Gma’s are amazing! I think both of them are so loving and fun. They are always eager to hear how my family and I are doing. My paternal Gma’s house was a blast to go to because she had 100 acres and we would ride her 4 wheelers and run through the trees, then nap in her cute cottage home. It’s fun to think back at the memories. What a cute idea, and the bracelet is awesome!

  25. Karen says:

    Beautiful bracelet!
    I have enjoyed reading everyone’s Grandma stories.
    My Grandma used to watch my brother and me after school until our parents came home from work. She insisted that we wash our hands as soon as we walked in the door, cooked us delicious Trinidadian meals, and entertained us with stories of her childhood. She is 85 now, still full of life, and she is now one of my best friends. We speak often on the phone, and I wish she lived close by. She is an awesome lady.

  26. Spencer Family says:

    My grandmother makes the best cinnamon and orange rolls ever. I also loved going to her house in the summers and she would give me a manicure. She had a very small selection of nail polish to choose from but I always chose white frost b/c that is what she always would wear and I wanted to be just like her!

  27. Joy says:

    oh me me … *grin*.. man I don’t remember a lot about my grandma’s but I know I want my grandchildren to have the most wonderful memories about me.. I like to get down on the ground with them and play… the most fun I have had with them is jumping in the bounce house with my little grandsons.. I thought my son was going to fall down laughing.. he never thought I would do it.. and I remember when my 8 YO granddaughter was 4 we would roll in the grass togther… and she would laugh so hard.. I would hold her close to me… and we would roll and roll down the hill.. of course I held her where my full weight was not on her.. what fun we had.

  28. Kristen Borland says:

    cute! my grandma lola is simply the most amazing woman. she is literally the woman i want to be when i’m older. she is a mother to all, a friend to all, and so wise. plus she’s so kick back that every one enjoys being around her. she’s coming to visit in oct/nov, and it’ll be two years since i’ve seen her (she lives on the east coast). can’t wait!!

  29. Karyn says:

    I am known in my family as “a carbon copy” of my grandma. I consider this a complete compliment, but I’m not so sure it’s true. She was the kindest woman I ever knew. In all her life I’ve never heard her say a negative word about anyone. She loved people. She was such a wonderful grandma – so involved in our lives. She was an encourager and always believed in us. I remember at my first “real” job interview I was asked who I most admired in life and I said, my grandma because she sees the best in everyone. I now live in her home and am often reminded to strive to be the type of person she was. I love the bracelet and I loved the chance to reminisce about one of my favorite people.

  30. Penny says:

    My grandmother made the best milkshakes…talk about the little things…my mom is a super great granna now too.

  31. The Brandleys says:

    My grams is the best but mostly the thing I love about her is that she always has to feed you when you come to visit. It’s the best I always feel bad if I’m not hungry and I’ll usually eat anyway just so I wont hurt her feelings. She is one of my very best friends and I really think this would be a perfect gift for her.

  32. chrissie says:

    I loved when grandma would come to visit us when we were kids. I’d wake up early so I could sneak downstairs and crawl into bed with her. The smell of coffee still reminds me of her stays with us.

    We always joke that grandma fell in love with my husband before I did. She knew he was the perfect person for me. And she told me so!

  33. Tracey I. says:

    Love the bracelet.

    My gramma lived on a farm with no running water, indoor toilet or telephone. She never drove a car. But she had the most beautiful garden and canned everything. My older sister and I would spend a few weeks with her and my grampa each summer and it was like going back in time. She would also come to our house and help my mom can and freeze all the wonderful vegetables from our garden. Great memories of simplier times!

  34. Anonymous says:

    My Granny, Ma as we used to call her, left the most amazing memory with me …. she used to say, never leave the house with holey-underwear, you never know what might happen on-route! Oh yes and also keep your tail nails painted and buffed!

    I chuckle each time I get dressed and remember what she taught me.

    RIP Darling Ma

    I’d love a bracelet. Holding thumbs.
    Karen Lamb
    karenlamb101kl @ yahoo . com

  35. Sue B says:

    I do love your jewelry. I lost my grandmother when I was very young but some of the fondest memories I have are of sitting at the kitchen table eating blueberries with cream while watching her cook with my grandfather.

  36. Rays Family says:

    Hi Lisa:

    These are the memories that my boys shared with me this morning while getting ready for school about their “Mimi” (My Mom). She passed aways shortly before Joe was born. Bobby’s fondest memory was the two of them always sitting on her grass with her pulling weeds, yes, pulling weeds. Mike’s was her patience when she was teaching him how to read. (obviously, I wasn’t very patient) Chris’ favorite was she would ALWAYS stay in his bed with him until he fell asleep and even though Billy was only 4 when she died, he remembers her always calling him “Billy Boy” and playing trains with him. They all agree that she would buy two loaves of bread and make the best toast with “real butter”. My fondest memory of her is that she was totally unselfish. She was a very a constant in our home and up until two weeks before she died, we spent most of our days together. When Billy was just a newborn, my other boys were just 5, 4, & 3 years old. Billy was an extremely fussy baby. She would come to my house around 11:00 p.m. pack him up in his little car seat, take him home for the night and bring him back around 7:30 in the morning just so I could get a good nights rest. She always said, she could nap during the day if she was tired, I couldn’t. She knew I was pregnant with Joe when she passed away, and she promised me that she would always be by my side even if I couldn’t see her, she was their in spirit. I still can feel her with me today.

    We miss her so much but still have such comforting and peaceful memories.

    Thanks, this was a great time to remember such an awesome “Mimi”


  37. ahna says:

    What a gorgeous bracelet. I would love to give that to my mom who just celebrated her 70th birthday. All 5 granddaughters (8 yrs old to 2 years old) were gathered together to sing happy birthday to her.
    My grandmother was fantastic. She was warm and plump and made certain that I knew how much I was loved. When we would visit, I would sit on the yellow vinyl stool in the kitchen while she cooked. I don’t know that we talked about anything truely important, but when I was in that kitchen with grandma, I was very special and important.
    When I was little, she would host tea parties on her front porch. We would bake all morning and then make fresh squeezed lemonade. When our guests arrived, I got to help serve our home made treats and sit with the ladies to sip my lemonade. She even bought me little white gloves to wear to these events. She was a wonderful grandmother – full of love that made me feel like I was a wonderful person.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lisa,

    You make beautiful jewelry! I have your blog marked and keep dropping hints that my bithday is in 2 months, we’ll see if my hubby will pick up on this:)

    I grew up in South Africa, as an MK, so saw my Grandma very little. But I still have some very clear memories. They lived on a small farm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The drive seemed to take forever, past the bridge and into the wonders that are the U.P. On hot summer days we would walk down to the cheese
    factory for an ice cream cone. In the winter we would bundle up and sled down the hill. Grandma praying for all 12 of her grandchilren before she died is another sad, yet great memory. My grandparents were prayer warriors for their grandchilren, I know I miss that the most.

    Thanks for that post, it brought back great memories.

    Becky Postma

  39. Jada2929 says:

    My favorite memory is with my great grandmother, who helped care for me was a little girl. She’d make me grilled cheese for lunch, and 7up to drink. We’d toss raisins in the 7up and watch them dance to the surface. I thought she had magical powers! After lunch I’d pull out the nap quilt and lay on the floor to watch her do her hand sewing while she sat on the “davenport” This woman taught me many, many essential life lessons- none more important though than when you need cheering up, toss some raisins in your soda. 😉

  40. Cathy says:

    I wish that I could share memories of my Granny, but both were dead when I was born. I’ve always missed that connection. I do my best to make sure that my kids have that connection with their grandmas. We used to live just down the street from my parents, but have since moved 1.5 hours away. They still love every minute they can get together with their grandma.

  41. Martha says:

    It was nice just being with my grandma. I think that she loved that we grandchildren used to fight over her. :o)

  42. Anonymous says:

    Both my Granmothers are so special,
    My dads mom is one of my heros she had 11 kids and now has 42 grandchildren cant count great and great.My fondest memory with here is making tortillas. My other grandmother only had my mom so i was soooo spoiledbeing the only grandchild for a while b/f siblings arrived I remember having rootbeer floats every night w/ dinner not after but during.
    oh such good times.
    Andrea, TX

  43. Rachel Slagle says:

    My Nana lived close to me growing up and every time she came over I would beg to go home with her and spend the night at her house. One summer she took my cousin and me to San Juan Capistrano on the train. We went shopping in all the little stores and stayed in a little motel. I dropped the room key in the bushes and couldn’t find it. I couldn’t stop crying because I thought I would be in trouble and she didn’t even get mad!

    While I was in high school, I took a summer class at the college near her house. I lived with her that summer and it was great. After class we would sit together and do word searches or she would take me swimming.

    But I think my favorite memory would have to be seeing her interact with my little guy. I love watching her cuddle with and love on Dillon. As he gets bigger, it’s harder for her to hold him, but he can still sit on her lap and sit next to her on the patio swing. I love that he loves his Nana as much as I do!

  44. Stacy M says:

    My Nana and I used to jump on the bed and sing the banana rhyme song…I thoguht it was sooo cool because her name rhymed with banana. When I was a teenager and would stay with my Nana, we used to stay up until 2 am talking about everything from how to crochet and boys.

  45. Jenmomof4 says:

    I love the charm bracelet!!

    My best memory is of my grandma taking my cousin and me camping. She took us to cape cod and explained the history. IT was such a great memory!!

  46. ania says:

    I love it – would be so perfect for mom! My best memories of my late grandma was when we’d come to her place after school (she lived 2 minutes away from us) and we’d bake bread or buns. Grandpa would always say that I had the handship (sp?) of a baker by the way I worked the dough lol. And we’d eat dessert – something yummy called Veiled Farmermaid (dont know what its called in English). She made the best there is and I have yet to taste this dessert just like she made them..*sigh* Ania from Norway :)

  47. Anjanette says:

    My grandmother was just crazy fun! Her spirit led her to be president of the local senior citizens group, take what seemed like a bus trip a week to see the world (at least the close-by world), tease and laugh nonstop, and have the best house. Her tiny house is my favorite memory. The home was never spotless – in fact it was the last of her priorities. Our tights would be completely filthy when we got home from a holiday celebration, but the house was full of love, laughter and just crazy fun and my grandmother decorated it with memories. That’s priceless to me and a great reminder to leave the dust in its place and just play.

  48. cbk0808 says:

    I love that bracelet. My favorite memories of my grandma and things she still continues to do. Her and I love to play scrabble, when I would come home from college I would always make a point to go to her house and play a few games. Now that I live far away, just the other day I told my husband that next time we went back to visit our family, I wanted a visit to my grandparents without my kids so my grandma and I could play Scrabble. She also makes the best chip dip and deviled eggs. She ALWAYS blesses me with these when I come back for a visit.

  49. bckueser says:

    i love your jewelry. all so sweet.
    my grandmother lived a few hours away from us. i always remember that she had a time share and her week always fell in September around my birthday. it never bothered me that she missed the actual day because every year after her trip she would come straight to our house and spend the weekend with me before returning home. even better (& this part makes me super dorky) she always had tickets to go to the Sportatorium in Dallas for wrestling matches for that weekend. just me and her and usually pretty close to the ring. oh how i loved the Von Erichs.
    and in case you are wondering…i could care less about wrestling these days. lol. i think my love was more about her than the sport itself.

  50. Anonymous says:

    My Grandma B was the greatest. I am the oldest of 50+ grandchildren and most all living pretty close to Grandma’s. Every Sunday was a party at Grandma’s. I couldn’t even tell you how many sleepovers we had at her house. Or playdates. Shopping trips. Campouts. There were always sweets to be found. But my most profound memory and every year when school starts I think of it. We didn’t have much as kids but so Grandma always made us a new outfit each year. She was busy my 3rd grade year so she wasn’t able them buy until the day before. Well a huge thunderstorm came that night. No power. Roads floods. All us children sleeping on the living room floor looking out the window and then a car pulls up and sure enough. There was Grandma just like she promised. She didn’t stay long but knew we would be heart broken without our new outfits for school. My Grandma died last year but now I see my mom taking on those qualities for my children.

    Judy C.
    nutterbug2 at juno dot com

  51. Anonymous says:

    This bracelet is amazing! MMMmmmm…I love my grandma’s cooking. Her fried chicken is delicious!

  52. Meg says:

    My grandmother always took us trick-or-treating every year. When I say this, I mean she dressed up with us every year. She’s a big kid at heart. Now she goes when I take my little boy, Carson.

  53. robyn says:

    My grandma used to fly (with gramps) down from the Oregon coast in their little plane to pick me and my sisters up for a month in the summer! She was awesome…and very talented. She cooked special german pancakes and had a special “treasure box” with unbelievably fun stuff in it! In other words my grandma ROCKED!..and i could go on and on about her =)

  54. Samantha says:

    My grandmother was so special to me (she died about 6 years ago). She spent so much time teaching me to fish, knit, play all sorts of card games- I Buy, 21 (with her jar full of dimes), Hand and Foot, and Uno. She always had Cocoa Puffs for us for breakfast and a freezer full of ice cream. I always ran into her house, gave her a big kiss, and headed straight for the refrigerator for a Peanut Butter Cup. Even as a teenager, I would drive the 45 minutes to her house on the river with some of my girlfriends and spend the weekend there. It is so neat to see how my mom is just as great with my kids as my grandma was with me. (My new baby is due next week and we are naming her Elizabeth after my grandma).

    Samantha Markwort

  55. Charmayne says:

    I love your work and wear my “Blessed” necklace all the time. Thank for your inspiring jewelry.

    So one of my fondest memories of my Grandma Kay is that she would always have me sit behind her on the couch and I would brush her hair and do different hairdo’s. My Grandma never smoked a day in her life but had severe emphazema. So I always remember her on her breathing machine and always being ill. But no matter how bad she felt she would always let me do her hair. Whenever I am having my hairdone I always think about my Grandma ~ maybe it’s in the Gene’s but I think it is so relaxing. :)

  56. Katie says:

    Let me tell you about my grandmother! I am named after her, and my father used to say that I screamed when I was born, until my grandmother picked me up, and I just stopped. I totally believe it! She took care of me on sick days, fed my fried chicken and biscuits with gravy, taught me how to cheat at card games, and took me to Sunday School.
    She was the best woman in the entire world, seriously.
    I miss her all the time … thanks for letting my share about my grandmom.

  57. Andrea* says:

    My Abuela is amazing. She blindly and faithfully followed her husband from Cuba to the unknown USA. She helped build a house, birthed 2 babies, and became a seamstress, when all she had was her 5th grade education. She sent most of her money back to Cuba to her relatives who had less than she. She helped more of my family come to America and get established as citizens.

    15 years ago, my Abuelo made some bad choices, and as a result they divorced. They were still friendly with one another.

    Last May my Abuelo passed away. My Abuela still gave him his funeral, and bought 2 plots of land so that she could still lay next to him in the ground one day.

    That is why my Abuela is such a beatiful woman.

  58. Hayley says:

    My mom is the best grandma in the world. If her 7 grandkids were old enough, they would jump on the chance to write about her. She grew up in some very tough curcumstances. She managed to always find the good and make good choices. She constantly lights a path for her grandkids to follow. She has unconditional love, and wants to teach them and help them make the same good choices she managed to make in her life. There isn’t just one memory that sets her apart, it is more the feeling she makes in her home when her grandkids are there.

  59. ~Heather~ says:

    strange one: my g’ma taught me to gamble…we would play various card games and bet with goldfish crackers! we always ended up eating them and the game would end quickly!!

  60. Alina says:

    What a beautiful bracelet. I remember just sitting around with her and leaning on her arm while she told me a story. I so loved jer skin, it was always so soft.

  61. Caralyn says:

    This is gorgeous! My grandma lived in an apartment with a pool. My mom *just* told me that she used to be a diving instructor, which is partially why, I suppose, she loved to swim. I remember going over there in the summer and we’d always get a can of 7-Up with a straw and a bran muffin “for roughage” she used to say. Then we’d go down to her pool for a swim.

  62. Kuckie says:

    My grandma is AWESOME. She and Grandpa are 78 and 83 and still going strong. My favorite memory is very recent! Three years ago, we built this house… and when I say we, I really mean my hubby. He did almost everything except set the logs. Of all the people who volunteered their time, the people who showed up the most, just on a whim, were my grandparents! We would be out here working and my grandparents would come driving up, my grandma with her shop vac and cleaning supplies, my grandpa with his plumbing kit…and they would stay and work ALL day, and just as hard as we did! All this, AND they lived and hour and a half away…

    My Grandma and I would clean, pick up nails, and talk about design and what was going on in my hometown. It was really some great bonding time. I would never guess that my grandparents are the age they are. But you know what my granny says? “When you quit going, you quit going.” And she’s not ready to quit!

    That said, I love the bracelet, but holy cow, I don’t know if you could make one big enough for her! She has 15 grandkids and 9 great grandkids!!! Maybe for my mom… ;0)

  63. Kate says:

    It’s beautiful!!! Both of my grandmothers have passed away but my MOM is the best grandmother to my and my sister’s children.

    She is always taking the kids for walks and pointing out different plants and animals and answering all their questions about the creation around them.

    She LOVES to take them for special snowcone treats or ice cream sundaes in the summer!

    She makes up songs to teach them as they are playing together.

    She LOVES to cuddle them and read lots of books to them…she has the best reading voice ever and is ALWAYS finding special books to bring home to them to add to their collection and love of books.

    She is always ready for playing soccer, baseball or basketball along with swinging!

    Most importantly, she gave my children a home when my husband and I started our lives over again after coming back stateside after being overseas. Her house and heart stood wide open as she took us in…she loves God and loves teaching my kids about Him and imparts her wisdom and love for Him into them daily. She loves my children as if they were her own…she loves them fiercely and is a devotion grandmother and friend to her grandkids.

    Thanks for letting me share…
    Have a blessed day!
    (your jewelry is lovely…stopping by from Bloggy Giveaways) 😀

  64. Patsy says:

    My grandmother loved to sew for me. She would make my dance costumes on her treadle sewing machine. Wish I had that machine! I have pictures of the costumes she made, tho. Great memories. She died in her 50’s.

    Your charm bracelet remains me of the ones when I was a teenager.

  65. erin says:

    I love the bracelet. I have five children and it is hard to find jewelry that accomidates that many names.

    My favorite childhood memories are of my BaBa–grandma in Yugaslyavian. I spent one month each summer with her–before my family would come. She was already in her 70’s by then and so everything about her was fascinating to me–and her house full of treasures (she saved most things). One fun memory is when she would let me play restaurant. I made menus, set the table and invited her friend. They let me wait on them, make pizzas in the toaster oven and put a dance show on for them in her driveway.

    She died 8 years ago at 94. I still think of her all the time and this last year I named my 5th child for her, Lucy.


  66. Curtis Family says:

    I would call my grandma Nana Chelo. She made the best food and was always trying to feed me because she thought I was too skinny (which made me feel good, even though I knew I wasn’t).
    There are so many fun memories in her home where all my cousins would get together and play and put on shows.
    Oh, but the food, she gave me a love for cooking.

    Christina Curtis

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