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February 16th | older posts

Chrissie and the girls are visiting and we had a sweet morning at the beach. The air was cool but the sun felt so good. The kids are having a blast together and I am soaking up every minute with my sis.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh, my! There are two of you! Are your nieces twins too?

    We spent the day indoors out of the cold and rain. I’m envious of your sunny beach weather.

  2. Amy says:

    so sweet! love all the twins!! boys are adorable as usual!:)hugs Amy

  3. Sarah Markley says:

    So cute, and I especially like the silouette of both of you hair!!! =)

  4. Rachel Shoemaker says:

    Funny… I just made a post about my sister too! It must be a sister day!

  5. Misty says:

    can you BE any cuter with your sis??? what a special bond and beautiful family you have! your posts lift my spirits!!

  6. Laura and the family says:

    It is SO NICE to spend the time with your family especially at this kind of a weather. Living in Southern California also has weird weather for the last few days. Today was a PERFECT weather to go out! Glad you all did the same.

  7. meegan says:

    Looks like a lovely day out for you all :)

    My fave today – the picture of the four of you together.

  8. Lappesola says:

    You look so happy togetehr. Makes me wish I had a sister.
    Hugs from Sol

  9. Shealynn Benner says:

    Oh my goodness! I thought the first picture was a mirrored image! LOL. It’s remarkable how you and your sister looks EXACTLY the same! I can usually tell identical twins apart, but it was hard for me with you 2! Great shots!

  10. iheartchocolate says:

    God did good, making two of you. Someone so pretty should durely have a twin! What amazing pictures.

  11. ladybug12 says:

    Amazing shots and soaking up the sun – such an amazing feeling!

  12. Dandelions & Daisies Photography says:

    You make me so sad that I don’t have a sister! I love the bond you two share and I adore the pic of your shadows :)

  13. Rachel says:

    what great pictures. i hope my twin girls are as close as you and your sis are when they grow up. especially love the picture of your shadows…perfect!

  14. Dani says:

    Beautiful photos!

    I have identical boys (13 yrs) and my sister has two sets of fraternals(g/g 7 yrs) and (b/b 3 yrs). It’s always neat to see other twin families.

  15. Dawn says:

    WHOA!!! I thought my IDENTICAL twin sister and I looked ALOT alike…I think you both have us beat!!! I just love the new pea-size charm necklace you posted today! I’m sending this link to my hubby…he WILL just have to take the bait!!!

  16. Cathi Hamen says:

    Lisa~ What beautiful photos! i think my favorite is the shadow… but I love the picture of Matty and the girls. They talk about him in class.. soo sweet! cousins are the best.. my brother and Noelle have the boys and we have the girls .. the kids are each 10 m apart and love each other soo much! it gets better and better!

  17. Lee Mapley says:

    hi guys, loving the pics and i think i’ve seen that rugby shirt somewhere before ???? LOL

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