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So mUch FuN!!!

January 13th | older posts

We had such a blast at the Rock and Roll Diner today! The weather was perfect. We ate hot dogs and played pin the nose on Percy (which the kids totally didn’t understand and nobody wanted to be blindfolded for–but it was darling anyway), opened presents and ate cupcakes. It was every little boy’s dream! My blog will only let me load five pics–which is crazy because I’ve got at least 55 to show you :) Some of the highlights–the cupcakes turned out cute (at least the second batch did!), a cuddle with mommy, David eats a cupcake and LOVES it (look how Nana’s tongue is sticking out!), and Matty show David his new Lightening McQueen. Matty had a total meltdown on the way home and then crashed for two hours! It was a great birthday!

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  1. chrissie says:

    AAAAhhh! So cute, so fun! Post more pictures. I’m dying to see them all.

  2. Ellen says:

    I laughed looking at the pictures and reading your report. Sorry Pin the Nose on Percy didn’t fly with the little ones. Some day they’ll love this game. I love the picture of David and Matty. Ah! My little sweeties.

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