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slide down, slip and slide and then line up again.  oh, and finish with a popsicle.

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  1. gillian says:

    what kind of camera do you use?!?!? your pictures are amazing!

  2. gorgeous kiddos. beautiful pics. good times indeed!

  3. whitney says:

    I love reading your blog…your family is gorgeous! please tell me how to make the pictures so large? I cant figure it out….

  4. Renelle says:

    Love these pics…looks like you had such a good time! Wish I was there splashin’ with you!! :)

  5. lisa says:

    whitney, i had a custom blog built–sorry that may not help much! gillian, i have a nikon d40–a basic slr and i love it!!

  6. Dawn Suzette says:

    Now that is some summer fun!! Awesome!

  7. Destiny D says:

    Those are “frameable!” I could just eat the little boy in the first picture with a spoon!

  8. Sara@iSass says:

    Beautiful pictures!
    Oh how I love freckles!!!

  9. Becky says:

    Great pictures of the kids.. they are so darn cute. I love the water on D… precious.

  10. Linda says:

    Those pics are AMAZING! You’ll need to keep those somewhere special to give to them when the are older. What a way to capture their youth.

  11. Chrissie says:

    ummmm…how.freaking.amazingly.cute are these pictures?
    looooooove every one of them.

  12. Shannon says:

    I LOVE that first picture!!!! Soo cute :)

  13. jamie says:

    i love these photos lisa!!! you are an amazing photographer!

  14. Shi~ says:

    I am so glad to have found your blog…I love your photography…I am a wanna be…but seeing yours well…there is little hope for me…I am wanting to get a Nikon…everyone has Canon’s, can you tell me why you shoot with a Nikon? thanks Shi~

  15. Beki Reynolds says:

    LOVE your work !!! I am an artist also….. and love photography as well !!! Thanks for sharing the website to have the photos put on canvas !!! That was on my “to do list” for today…. to find a great site that could do that ! (Just got back from Hilton Head Sat. with 500+ photos of my 3 grandchildren). I also ordered the daisy cuff bracelet today… and can’t wait to get it !!! So glad I found your website while checking out Whitney Caroline Designs ( a dear friend of mine !!!) Thanks again…. oh by the way….. I’d also like to know which camera you are using for the summer photos you have posted of the children !!!!! :) Beki

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