.this sumer i’ve jumped back into reading. not that i haven’t read in the last few years, but i’d get really into a book, let it take over my life for 48 hours and then not read again for 2 months. this summer i’ve tried to be more balanced and pace myself. the boys are also older and a little more independent, which means i can read for longer than 5 minutes without an interruption. usually i don’t pick up my book all day and after dinner i get a couple hours in.

so what have i been reading? well, like most young women (ok, i’m not that young) in the US, i read the entire twilight series. the series really drew me in and i read all four books in about 2 weeks. they are fun and easy to read. after that i read ‘the host’ also by stephanie meyer (twilight author) and really enjoyed it as well. not quite as easy to read (as it was written for adults, not youth) but a great story.

i just finished ‘love walked in’ by marisa de los santos which is a fun, sweet story about a thirty-something woman whose life changes in a beautiful way.

now i am reading ‘nights of rain and stars’ by maeve binchy. she wrote ‘circle of friends’ (remember that book/movie from about 12 years ago? it was minnie driver’s first big role). it took me a while to get into it, but i’ve really enjoyed the story and the characters.

notice a trend here? yep, i like fun, happy stories. i can’t handle anything too sad or violent. like has enough drama on it’s own, i want my entertainment to be light and uplifting. so, what are you reading? anything fun i might enjoy??