i love going out for breakfast on the weekends. i want pancakes tomorrow, preferably with chocolate chips.

i had so many blogs i was checking regularly that i had to cut back. then i really missed some of them so i had to google around until i found them again.

this is my new keychain. i took the pic before i put the rest of my ugly keys on it 🙂
i find creativity usually strikes while i am driving and after a cup of nutty bean coffee. then i have to go straight home and make whatever has popped into my mind.

i mess up about 1 in 6 sterling stamped pendants. I either grab the wrong letter or lose my grip on the hammer.

i can’t stamp jewelry for at least an hour after a nap (when i am lucky enough to get a nap!) my fine motor skills are unreliable.

this is my favorite necklace lately. i am also really into pairing short sleeve tops with long sleeve tees.

i had a jewelry party last night. it was a small group, but a great time of chatting and connecting.
i think i am perpetually dehydrated and i am constantly trying to drink more water. and i like to tell people i am perpetually dehydrated. it sounds really serious.

i love getting comments on my blog and feeling connected with people i’ve met through blogging. show some love and leave us a random thought!