we are thrilled to be collaborating with ali edwards again for her word of the year project.

you can read more about the project here.

i love this idea.  and this year we have a super simple, organic design to help you connect with your word every day.




our new necklace for this year is a thick, 3/4″ sterling washer, hand-cast with an organic feel.  customize with your own word or phrase-up to 15 characters!  it’s absolutely stunning and simple enough for everyday.

you’ll find it here.


my word this year is ‘story’.  i feel like every day, as steve and i nurture our boys, work, play, see friends and dream, our story unfolds.  i want to play an active role in the story, and not let it happen without my notice.  i want to be present in our story–not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  i want to be focused.  so i chose the word ‘story’ to help me remember to be present, and to watch with contentment while our story unfolds.



journey. dream. imagine. fulfill.  what’s your word for 2010?