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we are thrilled to be collaborating with ali edwards again for her word of the year project.

you can read more about the project here.

i love this idea.  and this year we have a super simple, organic design to help you connect with your word every day.




our new necklace for this year is a thick, 3/4″ sterling washer, hand-cast with an organic feel.  customize with your own word or phrase-up to 15 characters!  it’s absolutely stunning and simple enough for everyday.

you’ll find it here.


my word this year is ‘story’.  i feel like every day, as steve and i nurture our boys, work, play, see friends and dream, our story unfolds.  i want to play an active role in the story, and not let it happen without my notice.  i want to be present in our story–not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  i want to be focused.  so i chose the word ‘story’ to help me remember to be present, and to watch with contentment while our story unfolds.



journey. dream. imagine. fulfill.  what’s your word for 2010?


  1. Last year my word was “Blessed”. I got the necklace with the word on it. I LOVE it and wear it a lot! This year my word is “Celebrate” I dont really know why but I feel like we are going to have a lot to celebrate in 2010. I hope I am right. 🙂 I would love to have a necklace with this years word on it. Hmmmm, maybe I should suggest that for my birthday in February! 🙂 Happy New Year and hope you have reason to celebrate in 2010

  2. My word would be “persevere”…some days running the race seems impossible, but everything I do as a wife, mother, friend & daughter matters & moves me one step closer to eternity…I want to run & run well!

  3. Kindness.
    Too often lately I have found myself getting upset, snapping at others, and just not being the person I hope to be. I could easily blame it on the amount time I am spending at work, the lack of time with my Fiance, missing my family, or countless other reasons, but those are just excuses. I need to remember that everyone is going on their own journey that has bumps and stumbles along the way. I need to enjoy the scenery when I am behind that slow driver (I might see something that I have always missed); I need to smile at parents, giving them silent encouragement (instead of glare or roll my eyes when their children are acting up); I need to be thankful that I am alive to enjoy the day and not take it for granted. I need to treat everyone with kindness and remember to enjoy my journey.

  4. so many good thoughts….loved Blossom (who doesn’t need help remembering to do that wherever we may be planted 🙂 also liked Pause & Now (we all need that reminder in this hectic world). I had been thinking on my own about Grateful – because we shouldn’t but we do need reminders to look for ways to be more thankful. I also considered Spirit-filled & Joyful…..still considering, but I just love the idea. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. love this idea. thinking mine will either be “smile” or “now”.
    smile – how much better does everyone feel, how much better do you look if you simply smile?
    now – not a demand. “now” is the most important time. it’s what i can control, what i can do. it reminds me not to fret about the future or past. more than “present” (when i hear that word, i first think ‘gift’), “now” keeps me focused.

  6. funny, i had chosen a word already for 2010 before i ever saw this post! we’ve been discussing PEACE at church small group the last month and what it really means and so i decided that would be my focus for 2010. i’ve been buying anything during the december christmas sales that has PEACE written on it to display all over my house…i need visual reminders!

  7. understanding…placing myself in other people’s shoes. Thinking about what might be going on in their life without my own assumptions and presumptions getting in the way…more understanding

  8. Happy New Year, Lisa! Having other necklaces of yours, I am such a fan of yours! 🙂
    Hmm, I have been trying for a few days to think of a word for 2010 – inspired by Ali E. – and now I have finally come up with it… My word for 2010 is “CREATE”. Love this whole idea and hopefully this word will help me be more “creative”! 🙂
    Thank you! 🙂

  9. I love Ali’s idea and did this last year….that word was “determined”. This year I am choosing “organized”. I need to get my house, work and family better organized. If I did I think I’d be a happier, more relaxed person. Well….that’s what I think. Who knows!

    Anyway, I recently visited your blog and saw that you were visiting my neck of the woods for the holidays. I live in Lincoln. So are you a native Nebraskan? I couldn’t figure that out from your blog.

    I love your jewelry. I’ve already hinted to my husband that your new heart strings necklace would make a nice Valentine’s gift. We will have to see! 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  10. My word is “believe”. I say it to my boys every night before they go to bed. I have it throughout my house. I also have it tattooed on my right inner wrist to remind me to always believe. I think it’s essential to believe in something whether it’s God, yourself, magic, miracles, angels, love…or all of them and more.
    Love your blog. Love your jewelry!

  11. Love this…I think I would choose the word “here” I noticed it as the link in your blog, but it is such a fitting reminder to be present in the moment instead of worrying about everything else (which is whay I often do). On my next order I think I will get this. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  12. “Create”– new life, new memories, new art, new love… I feel like that one word best summerizes this past year and the year to come for our family.

  13. Oh wow. I think my word is a toss up between sit and pause. I think Pause sounds more poetic. Pause to express my gratitude to God. Pause to look people in the eye. Pause to sit at the feet of my Savior. Pause to spend quality time with my children and husband. Pause to listen, to really listen. Pause and take a deep breath. I could go on and on. I feel so overwhelmed so much of the time. I think if I can just pause and do one of these things it will make it better. Thank you Lisa!

    By the way, I love my necklace. My husband chose the simple bird. Beautiful…now I want more 🙂

  14. Love this necklace! It’s very pretty as well as meaningful. I saw this necklace last week and have been thinking about what my word for 2010 would be. Then Sunday in church my pastor said “Contentment is not getting what you want, but wanting what you already have.” So my word for 2010 is CONTENTMENT.

  15. My work for 2010 is Faith. 2009 has been a tough year and in November I felt a strong force to reach out to God. This year I am handing over my life to him and letting him lead me.

  16. not to sound unoriginal, but I’d have to say ‘story’ too.
    The thing is, one story is so encompassing. And that fact that it can be full of pain, hardship, disappointment–even betrayal–and STILL beautiful gives me hope. The fact that Jesus’ story was even colored with the humiliation of the cross and yet is the story of mankind’s redemption gives me even more hope.

    Yes, story.
    I want a good one, and I want that daily reminder.

  17. Hi I recived a necklace for Christmas and am in love with it…it’s perfect…I am looking for the necklace shown on the left of blog with the hearts and date I could not locate it in your store…Pls let me know if it is still available looking to give it as wedding gift to friend…Thanks, Kelly

  18. My word would be “brim”. I want to fill my pot to the brim with family, love, learning, opportunity. Too much would be a waste. Too little wouldn’t be trying hard enough. It will be a delicate balance and fulfilling, to say the least!

  19. I ordered the new necklace! My word for 2010? FOCUS. I am going to FOCUS on healing my marriage. FOCUS on my kids. FOCUS on losing that last bit of pregnancy weight from my kids.
    And lastly, FOCUS on me, making me a better person. 🙂

  20. I have already ordered mine! My word is create! I plan to use my creativity to help me be more frugal in 2010!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  21. I love the idea of a special word to focus on for the year- so many great comments too. i am going to meditate on a word and hope that God puts one in my heart that He feels I need to learn. thank you for the great post.

  22. I haven’t chosen my word for this year yet. I have a few in my heart – just need to choose one. Nice idea for this year’s necklace!

  23. I don’t do necklaces very often, although I love my “peace for the journey” from you. I’m more of a bracelet gal, and that is why I ordered the “open circle” bracelet with the words “living temple” from 1 Cor. 6:19. I chose this as my anchor verse for 2010 and will do a vlog on it New Year’s Day. Can’t wait to get it!

    Living temple really encompasses it all for me… knowing that I am not my own, but bought with a price, and therefore, desire more than anything to honor God with my body. He dwells within me. I want that reminder each and every day.


  24. that is a wonderful word for this year!
    my favorite words from this last year were these “living a life without a story is like reading a book about nothing” from donald millers book A Million Miles In A Thousand Years.
    My prayer for this New Year is to live a good story.

  25. Seed.That is going to be my word for 2010. I was married for twelve years and have just gone threw a very heart breaking divorce.I have two very beautiful boys(3y and 7y) that god has blessed me with the last six months of 2009 has been about me breaking up fallow ground and getting my soil meaning my life ready to plant new seed ( furthering my education) establishing a stronger and more secured life for me and my sons .I have a lot of work ahead of me but my strength comes from above!!!

  26. I think that my word for 2010 is going to be “calm”. I have felt so flustered and jittery and so NOT calm in 2009 that I feel I need to find a way to bring that back. Of course with 3 kids, my definition of calm may have to be tweaked just a little bit!

  27. Hope! That is the one word that encourages me to go forward in my life. Some days are so hard, but then I realize that with God I have hope. Hope for today and tomorrow.

  28. Oh, I will have to think about my “word” will be.

    Goodness Lisa, what a TRUE inpsiration you are! The words you write are so inspiring to me and REALLY help me — I want you to know that. I am so thankful that you share so much of what is in your heart.

    May you be always be blessed and know that you are too!

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