We’ve been getting some great features lately and I want to share it with you!  Our teenie tiny intials was spotted over at in-style weddings.  I still read in-style weddings even though I’ve been married longer than 10 years.  Their weddings are so inspiring.


Our basic id tag bracelet made an appearance on  Um, glamour?  Are you kidding me?!  So exciting!


I was interviewed over at little designer book.  She features lots of great indie artists.  Thanks, Andrea!


And Jennie Garth (90210 and dancing with the stars) sent us a thank-you note after being gifted one of our little feet necklaces.  She was featured in Cookie Magazine this month (see above photo).


I freaked out when my friend becky told me we were featured on decor8.  I consider it a very high compliment to be featured on this blog.  Dang!!


I was the featured ‘mampreneur’ over at misty’s blog.  Her photography is magic.  If you live in southern california, call her now!  And you must go see how she photographed the jewelry modeled by the beautiful sarah.


As exciting as these features are (and believe me, they are really really exciting!!), most people find us because you wear our jewelry and  tell your friends about it.  So thank you for helping us grow.  I appreciate you.