-How do you give your photos that ‘washed out’ look?
I always edit my photos on my MAC in iphoto. Once the image is in the computer, I delete all the bad ones (lots of bad ones) and crop the photos. I try to think creatively about cropping, too. Then I play with the image by antiquing and lightening the photo. I really know nothing about photography–it’s just fun to play.

-What does ‘hand wrought’ mean?
The sterling tags are hand wrought or hand-fashioned. This means I actually cut the tags, file them, drill the holes, etc.

-Why is David so small?
We do feed him! He has a rare syndrome called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. It is a random genetic mutation that occurs in about 1 in 30-50,000 births. The syndrome manifests itself in many ways including, only two fingers on his left hand, small size overall, global delay (cognitive and physical), heart issues, hearing impairment and I could go on…

All this to say, although we didn’t plan on having a child with a disability he has been such a blessing and has changed out lives for he better. Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I cry and ache and I can’t make it go away, but really, David is David and we love him completely.

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-What does David’s education look like?
This has been a big issue for us! I taught special education for five years before David was born, so I have some strong opinions on what it should look like. Two years ago, instead of preschool we did a home-school situtation and had a teacher come in a few times a week. That worked really well. Then last year we put David in a county preschool class with 3-5 year olds. His teachers are seriously amazing and he has made so much progress in this environment. I was sooo nervous to leave him, but it’s been great for all of us! He is in a class with all special needs children but there is a headstart preschool class next door and they often do things together. At this point, we’ll just take it year by year and see what’s available. I am not opposed to having a teacher come into our home and work with him, although I think the socialization at school is great.

-Does David have OT/PT? Does he have any feeding issues?
Yes, yes and yes. He receives OT/PT once a week. They offered us more but we tried to evaluate the pros and cons between driving and making Matty wait around and giving David every opportunity to succeed. This seems to be a good balance for us. Of course we try to follow through on the therapists reccommendations at home.
He also has feeding issues, including severe reflux and only eating blended foods.

Thanks for the great questions and for reading about our little family. Happy Thursday!!