after church we ate some italian food and headed over to the mission to visit santa.  it had been a cloudy morning but as soon as we got in line it started raining.  matthias ran around and played rock, paper, scissors with daddy while david played his infamous game of ‘jello legs’ where he refuses to stand.  rascal.  and we spotted a beautiful rainbow stretched across the sky!
* * *
this santa is the absolute sweetest and he spent a lot of time with david and made him laugh.  he let david pull on his beard proving it was authentic.  he listened to matthias’ long list of christmas wishes and hugged him multiple times.  then he passes our candy canes, coloring books and lets each kid choose from the toy basket.  so fun.
our official stand on santa is ‘it’s fun to pretend’.  we love celebrating with our kids but we want them to understand the real meaning of christmas.  the funny thing is, although we have never told lots of santa tales, matthias is convinced he is real.  do your kids believe in santa?