Wear Your Story: My Storyteller Necklace

No one has a story quite like yours! Your story is unique, and it’s special because it’s yours. Your story is what makes you YOU. What if I told you that you could keep your story with you always with one of my absolute favorite necklaces— the Storyteller Necklace.

Most of us love stories. We don’t sit around campfires telling stories as much as we used to {though we really should!} But, we still find stories all around us. They’re in the shows we watch, the books we read, the conversations over dinner. We can be pulled into a suspenseful story or changed forever by an inspiring one. Even our feelings are affected by the stories we hear— we laugh at a silly story our friend tells us and cry at a heartbreaking movie.

There’s a reason we feel so connected to stories— because each of us has a beautiful story of our own. We’ve all had moments that shaped us, lessons we’ve learned, people who helped us grow. These are all the amazing parts of our stories! Have you ever noticed when you share a part of your story with someone, you feel a connection? Stories are what shape us and bring us together.

That’s why I made my Storyteller Necklace. I want each of us to be able to share and connect our stories with those around us. With the Storyteller Necklace, you get to personalize a variety of charms to craft a one of a kind necklace that perfectly tells your story. Capture all the important moments, people, and memories that shaped you. What a sweet way to represent your story!

There is a timeline of important dates and map dots of locations that bring my story to life. For me, I have my anniversary date, mantra {breathe!}, a charm for my boys, 4 hearts representing my family, and a daily reminder that I am loved on my necklace. My story is full of ups and downs, steps forward and a few steps backward. The main characters in my story are the people I hold most dear, the ones who have helped shape me and make me who I am. All of this is shown in my Storyteller Necklace!

And let me tell you, I get sooo many compliments whenever I’m wearing it. I always like to use this as a way to open up a conversation and build a connection with someone. Whether it’s a total stranger at the grocery store, a mutual friend at a dinner party, or someone I’ve known for years. Being open and sharing parts of yourself is the bravest act of love!

What parts of your story do you share? What would you put on your Storyteller Necklace?

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