Holy Moly! We have been so incredibly thrilled by your response to the new pewter line. I love that you’re as excited as I am. I love that the pieces are just as lovely–but more affordable.

We’ve had a few frequently asked questions that keep popping up–so I figured more of you might be wondering. Here are the answers to some of your questions.

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What is the difference between sterling silver and fine pewter?

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, while pewter is a mix of various metals. Both sterling and pewter have a very similar look and feel. We have to mark and store the charms very carefully in our workshop–it’s that easy to mix them up! Both our sterling and pewter pieces are hand-cast, one at a time.

Why have your sterling silver pieces gone up in price?

The cost of sterling silver is on the rise and has been for the last couple of years. When we realized we were going to have to raise our sterling prices in order to stay profitable, we knew we needed to get creative with a more affordable option. That’s why we introduced the pewter line!

Will the pewter charms eventually lose their shine?

Our fine pewter pieces are solid pewter and will never flake or chip. They are handcrafted and will last for generations. That said, sometimes pewter charms {just like sterling charms} can get dirty or dull over time, we can shine them up for you! Just contact customerservice@lisaleonard.com for more information.

What is a sterling-plated chain?

Our sterling-plated chains are genuine sterling silver over a copper base. They move nicely and feel just like sterling chains. Over time the silver may lose it’s shine, but we strongly feel that, as chains are easily replaced, you should invest your money into meaningful charms that will stand the test of time, not chains.

How do I care for my fine pewter pieces?

You should care for your pewter pieces the same way you care for your sterling pieces. Avoid contact with water {shower or swimming}, store in a ziploc baggie and polish with a soft cloth.

Do you use lead-free pewter?

Of course! All of our pewter is the finest quality and absolutely lead-free for your safety.

Do you have any other questions for us? Feel free to leave a comment below or contact us at customerservice@lisaleonard.com.

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Pieces pictured above include the marked by love necklace $58, the little lady necklace $36, the family tree necklace $62, the sweetheart tree necklace $62 and the petite original necklace $48.