It’s Friday and I’m linking up cell phone pics from the week over at life rearranged. Join us!

I spruced up our mantel for Valentine’s day and added a little red here and there.

The family tree necklace is still one of my very favorites. Love.

This pic above was for the January/photo a day {which I’ve kinda flaked on}. The prompt was ‘shoes’. These boots were a Christmas gift from Steve.

We had one rainy day last week and otherwise we had temps around 70*. This has been such a strange winter in California!

Have I mentioned we have a problem with David breaking things? Over the last year he has broken a few lamps and our living room was getting to be like a cave. So when Target had a sale last week, we purchased these two lamps. I can’t believe how much life they add to the room!

Matthias is a kid who loves everything drawing, coloring, creating, and painting! Every time we are at Target he begs for new crayons. I love his creative masterpieces.

Monday night I met my sister in Santa Barbara for a getaway. And it was wonderful. Pretty much perfect. We finished it off with mexican food at Carlitos. Yep, pretty much perfect.

I did a little junking yesterday. I didn’t really buy anything, but it was so inspiring!

My friend Claire brought me tulips. Claire is our customer service supervisor and she is one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met. {Love you Claire!}

Ahh, Ruby Rose. So much beauty in one place-it’s almost overwhelming.

This weekend is about cleaning, laundry and packing. Steve and I are heading to Thailand next week to visit some dear friends. And we are leaving the boys here. I am terrified and excited. It’s crazy!

What are your weekend plans?