For The Dreamers

For those who feel stuck at a standstill.
For those who feel like they take one step forward and two steps back.
For those who keep dreaming, taking risks and keep believing.
A little poem for you…
This moment
I am not where I want to be
Pacing back and forth
Waiting and More waiting
Side to side
Right to left
I cannot stand still
Yet I am at a standstill

I gain no ground
Planted seeds that will not grow

This moment
I am not where I want to be
Two steps back
Stretched thin
I have been here before
Why am I here again?
I need to learn what I did not learn last time
A Second Chance
A Do Over
A Try Again

This moment, Finally
I am where I want to be
With every side step
Every back and forth
Every step back
Every setback
I have been preparing
But ready
To leap
To become

This moment
My someday becomes my now
My maybe becomes my yes
My what if becomes my what is
My impossible becomes my plausible
My inconceivable becomes my feasible
What I have seen with my heart, I now see with my eyes
I step out
With every seed I have sown
With every stretch my heart has grown
I step bravely into the unknown


  1. I just read this again and I cannot tell you how much I love this poem. It hits the mark every time I read it and
    it says everything I have been living and going through and I am especially happy to be living the last part!
    Keep up the great, inspiring work Lisa!

  2. Lisa,
    I can so relate to this poem, it is so beautiful and it made me cry. I have gone through so many non text health issues, but my latest one has been my biggest challenge. I have an auto immune disease that has affected my muscles. I have 6 beautiful grand children whom I have always been the fun Nana, takes them hiking, plays soccer, all the fun physical stuff. Now I am unable to do this as I use a walker most days and struggle with generalized weakness. I have always been the tough one and come out ahead against all odds and I pray that I will win this battle as well.
    I have recently been reading your blogs, and you are truly an inspiration to me and I want to thank you for that. I ordered your bracelets x 2 with my grand babies names and I LOVE it. I also ordered your starburst ring today and can’t wait to get it. You are truly amazing. Thank you for sharing.

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