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Hello friends! We had a weekend packed with fun and productivity. We saw Inside Out {which we loved!}, ate at our favorite restaurant, celebrated Father’s Day and hiked Yucca Creek Ridge. It was a very warm day and the hike is steep with little shade. But we pushed out at had a great time. How about some hellos for a brand new week?

***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***

yucca ridge trail san luis obispo

Hello yucca plants. They are actually quite sharp and we all got a few scratches during the hike.

Hello sun on my shoulders. I loaded up on screen and still managed to get a little sunburn.

Hello happy David on the hike, happy David during the movie and miserable David during dinner. Thankfully we had a server who was super speedy and we were in and out of the restaurant in 30 minutes.

Hello Matthias getting so good at hiking! I love being outdoors with him.

Hello hearing a rattlesnake on the trail and picking up the pace to get away. We never saw it, but it sure sounded like a rattle!

Hello working on sprucing up the master bedroom this week. Fun!

Hello exciting things to share with you this week. Stay tuned!

Hello to YOU! It’s a brand new week with beauty waiting to be found. Will you join me?

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