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labor day BBQ {hello monday}

September 17th | events, hello monday

I didn’t want to forget to share pics from a labor day BBQ we had with friends. These are some of our oldest friends, the ones we camp with every summer. And the time together is always sweet. Labor day feels like the official end to summer–don’t you think? Fall begins Sept. 22nd–so we’re almost there. But in my mind, summer is gone and fall is beginning. I thought this week was a great time for some hellos and some good-byes, too.

Hello shorter days, good-bye long evenings.

Hello cozy mornings with the fireplace on, good-bye sleeping in

Hello layering, good-bye tank tops

Hello scarfs and boots {love!}, good-bye flip flops

Hello soups and grilled cheese, good-bye outdoor BBQs

Hello leaves turning red, good-bye sprinkler play

Hello pumpkins, good-bye strawberries

Hello cinnamon candle, good-bye pear candle

Hello fall. I love a new beginning!

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  1. I love soup and grilled cheese lunches. I think that’s what we’ll have today. Hubs was saying how excited he is for winter because that means we use our fireplace once again. Happy Monday!

  2. I love fall too. Scarves and boots are the best! Well, I’m pretty much in love with flip-flops too, but I do enjoy the change.

    Happy Monday!


  3. Kelly says:

    I’m ready for every one of those things, too! Unfortunately here in inland SoCal, it’s still broiling, flip-flops and tank tops and cold lemonade weather. :-( At least I can burn a pumpkin candle to get in the mood!

  4. i love fall but it makes me a little sad to see summer go…especially with the evenings getting darker sooner. it looks like you had a fabulous bbq though!

  5. Kelli says:

    Hello to my dream last night that Brad Pitt was taking me to the prom. Hello to putting away the summer clothes and getting out the fall ones {a smidge excited to cover up more!}. Hello to a movie date with a girlfriend Friday night and to taking my daughters to a high school football game Saturday night. Hello to a new sister-in-law as of Saturday evening, and hello to lots of lovely memories from a startlingly fantastic weekend.

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