I met up with my sisters in Santa Barbara yesterday and we celebrated our birthdays together. It’s a tradition–one I cherish! Here are some things we said hello to during our time together.Hello happy shadows.

Hello twin sisters who look nothing alike.

Hello heart-shaped cactus.

Hello directions to the beach. My favorite spot.

Hello pizza, salad and banana cream pie at Tony’s in Carpinteria.

Hello nice big booth and nowhere to be but with each other.

Hello sparkly lights in the window.

Hello nighttime lanterns.

Hello sleeping in and drinking lots of coffee.

Hello palm trees and sunshine.

Hello crazy blooms.

Hello to my twin sis. My soulmate.

Hello red, heart-shaped leaf.

Hello treasure hunting at Angel’s Antiques.

Hello cupcakes. Yum.

Hello cake topper that makes our birthdays even MORE fun.

Hello sugar.

Hello more sugar.

Hello making art.

 Good-bye wonderful weekend! Now it’s time to say hello to laundry, emails and planning back to school stuff. Hello brand new week!