hello monday {my thermos collection}

It’s Monday! It’s a new week, a fresh start and time to begin again.

Today I’m sharing pics of some thermoses {thermosi?} that I’ve picked up at local thrift shops. They are so colorful and fun– grouped together they make perfect vases. Add some yellow daisies and you can’t help but smile. How about some hellos?

Hello sunshine. I am dreaming of warmer weather. I think our trip to Mexico made me want summer sooner.

Hello awards assembly. Matthias is receiving an award today. So proud of that kiddo.

Hello butterscotch pudding. I’m planning to try this recipe this week.

Hello projects. My to do list is full of inspiring things to do. Busy but fun!

Hello Blissdom. It’s coming so quickly. Are you going?

Hello March. It’s just a few days away {what?!}

Hello trying to unplug in the late afternoon and enjoy my family.

Hello book. This is my current read. Just finished this one {and loved it}.

Hello sleeping David in my arms as I type this.

Hello dreaming of a family getaway to the beach–maybe spring break?

Hello menu to plan and groceries to buy.

Hello brand new week! Ready, set, go!


  1. Hello Lisa! I’ve kept up with your blog for quite a while now and thought Hello Monday might be the perfect time to finally say…Hello! It was lovely seeing the beautiful yellow daisies on the very grey day that we’re having here. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I am on a mission to thrift a plaid thermos to use for cocoa! Love these!

    Hello, Monday! Hello to feeling re-charged and ready for the week {a weekend at a quiet lodge with a friend will do that for a girl — lots of sleep and reading!}. Hello to Ben Affleck having a great night at the Oscars last night. Hello to March coming right up!

  3. SQUEAL!!!!! I knew Marisa de Los Santos was working on this book, but I missed the release! So glad I clicked on your link!

    I’m looking forward to a weekend with my IL girlfriends starting Thursday! Can’t wait!

  4. Hello Lisa! Thanks for sharing your cheerful daisies and your butterscotch pudding recipe. I’m saying hello to a lot of Girl Scout cookies (I’m the cookie manager for my daughter’s troop).

  5. How funny, I just asked for book recommendations! Haven’t read either of these so I’ll check them out (always love Jane Green). Fabulous photos, so lovely to see so much colour! Have a great week. 🙂

  6. That’s funny, on my own Hello Monday post, I wrote about wanting new outdoor seating and needing to freshen up our backyard for spring. Yours looks just about perfect! So happy & sunny.

  7. Lisa, I adore Marisa de los Santos. I hope that you have read her first two books. I re-read them when I have run out of books because her characters are so amazing…Love Walked In and Belong to Me.

  8. Love your thermos collection. I was actually in an antique shop the other day and I saw some old thermoses. I thought of you! I remember you posting a photo of them lined up on your kitchen windowsill. 🙂


  9. Hello Lisa! I am staying goodbye to the weekend. It was full of me taking care of my sick,sick,sick family. Everybody had the flu. Poor things. I just kept spraying Lysol and chanting, “this too shall pass”. I posted about your big sale today on my little baby blog. Love you and all your stuff.

  10. Hello Lisa!
    I have enjoyed a few novels by Jane Green myself. Currently reading some historical fiction by Tracie Peterson and she is excellent!
    Have a wonderful week in sunny California – we are bracing for Winter Storm Rocky today here in the plains – but hey, we need to moisture. 🙂

  11. The universe must be craving sweets. I just made homemade butterscotch pudding this weekend. I top mine with whip cream and pistachoes. So good! and pretty looking too!

  12. hello to still having sick kiddos! BOO! It has been two weeks of 3 sick little ones and I’m just praying it’s over soon. Hello to being thankful we have medicine to make them feel better!

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