These pics are taken at a new cafe downtown called urbane cafe. It’s on Higuera and Morro and it’s my new fave.  I think about it all the time. I’m addicted the the cilantro chicken salad with chipotle dressing. Yum.hello to making the weekend last a little longer

hello lazy morning and cartoonshello to my 8 year old son {good-bye wonderful birthday weekend!}

hello wondering where the time has gone? {i have an 8 and a 9 year old?!}

hello feeling like i enjoy my boys more and more as they get biggerhello avocado, cilantro and lime–such a delicious snack

hello cutting back on artificial sugar and diet soda–and i haven’t missed it much

hello planning for Blissdom. are you going?

hello looking forward to girl time {i need some!}

hello meeting new friendshello washing sheets and towels today {and putting away loads of clean laundry}

hello continuing to organize and menu plan–i’m still keeping up with my new year’s resolution

hello big BIG announcement we are making later this week

hello hardly being able to hold in my excitement!hello ideas to freshen up our home {a little paint and a few throw pillows}

hello loving color–maybe a lime green coffee table?hello family picture that captures our crazy fam–Matthias is grumpy, David won’t sit still.

hello monday! it’s starting off slow and it’s time to GO!

what does your week hold? let us know or link up in the comments section and let us know.