i thought i would share some lovely images this morning. most of these were taken at my favorite local vintage shop–ruby rose.
Hello sleeping all night with a serious cuddle bug. When we are out of town, Steve and I spilt up and each take a kiddo in the hotel room. Matthias and I were snuggle buddies–that kid is like velcro!

Hello waking up to an incredible LA sunrise. The sky was bright orange. I wish I could have slept a bit longer–but if you have to wake up at 6am, you might as well get a gorgeous sunrise!Hello heading over to UCLA for a pulmonology appointment. David is on a new inhaler {flo-max} and he seems to be doing well.

Hello David being healthy! After being sick for almost 8 weeks straight, has been so happy and engaged. It makes my heart full.Hello eating healthy. We really splurged around the holidays and enjoyed all the yummy food. Last week we ate lots of fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats and cheeses and scrambled eggs.  Does bacon count as a lean meat? I think so…

Hello menu planned for this week. I am planning to make meatloaf with ground turkey and a veggie lasagna {it uses zucchini instead of pasta}. And we’ll have enough for leftovers–so I’ll only cook twice.Hello clearing out–our closets, drawers and toy baskets. I’m making things more organized and giving myself more headspace. It feels great.

Hello 7 bags to take to the salvation army. What?!Hello music. Have you heard The Civil Wars? Oh my word. They’re magical. Also The Head and The Heart. My sister just got it for me. Love.

And Hello to David’s sweet piano tunes. Well, sometimes they are sweet and sometimes they are really LOUD and crazy. And sometimes he gets stuck on one note over and over and over.Hello crystal chandelier. We don’t have a chandelier above our dining room table and I kinda think we need one, don’t you?

Hello clean house. I am working on dealing with lots of paperwork and junk and having a place for everything. I am so motivated.Hello friends. Hello new week. Hello ideas waiting to be discovered.

What are you saying hello to this week? Link up in the comments or let us know in the comments section.