the fall in love workshop {last week} took place at the sweetest farmhouse in san luis obispo. i took a few shots around the house so you could see too!

hello scones, grapes and homemade banana bread

hello getting inspired and taking lots and lots of notes

hello new friendships all the way from sweden

hello sunshine and cool fall breezes

hello warm coffee in my cup

hello energy and ideas and lots to do

hello kitchen chair by a bright window

hello short week

hello seeing family and relaxing

hello clean dishes

hello laundry to be washed and folded

hello bags to pack

hello trying to eat fresh and healthy {it’s so hard this time of year!}

hello sweet potatoes, turkey and cranberry sauce

hello laughing and being silly

hello heart that is fully aware of how blessed we are

hello reflecting and taking time to express gratitude

hello monday–it’s thanksgiving week!

what are you saying hello to this week? leave a comment or better yet, link up in the comments section!