hello monday {exploring san francisco}

Monday came too fast this week! I spent the weekend in San Francisco celebrating my sweet friend, Brenda’s 40th birthday. We had so much fun! Here are some pics I snapped in Chinatown. Whether I’m ready for it or not, Monday is here, so how about some hellos?

Hello to my sweet boys {all three!}. I missed them this weekend.

Hello to an awesome husband who held down the fort while I was away. You rock, babe!

Hello to walking hills and seeing the sights.

Hello to sore legs {I need to walk more–it’s good for me!}

Hello sniffy David. He isn’t feeling well today.

Hello pancakes and laundry and using today to get things organized.

Hello quinoa casserole on the menu this week.

Hello figuring out what I’m going to put in the quinoa casserole {I’m making it up–wish me luck!}

Hello ants that have invaded our home.

Good-bye ants–you aren’t welcome here. Yuck.

Hello starting to think about back to school supplies.

Hello wishing summer wouldn’t go so fast!

Hello folded paper cranes.

Hello wanting to try origami. Do you know how to make anything using origami?

Hello brand new week. Hello new beginning! It’s going to be a great one.


  1. Love your images from SF! What a blast!

    Hello to cleaning out the guest room closet (ugh.). Hello, musical theatre camp for my older daughter! Hello to zumba for the first time. Hello to my ninth wedding anniversary and a trip with my hubster to the Oregon coast. Hello to the next nine years!

  2. What great pictures – I love the dolls and the Lisa’s Jewelry! This is my first time with Hello Monday, but I own two of your OLW necklaces, and this meme has intrigued me.
    Thanks for hostessing!

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  4. It’s been a few years since the wife and I managed to make it out to San Francisco.

    I really don’t think we have anything like it back in Canada, Toronto has many of the same small shops and such but it’s just not on the same scale.

  5. I’m back from a two-week bloggy break – energized and ready to share, create, and thank everyday! LOVD tidings, Lilly

  6. The ants invade our house every summer too…I hope yours hit the road soon! San Francisco looked beautiful…my family needs to plan a trip up there!

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