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hello monday

January 24th | hello monday

hello sick david {boo!}

hello extra cuddles

hello tylenol that makes my sweetie feel so much better!

hello season of hearts and love–our shop is getting busy for valentine’s day!

hello finding a babysitter so steve and i can get out on a date

hello sprinkles and frosting, let’s make heart-shaped cookies!

hello packing for blissdom

hello magazines i’m gathering to read on the plane

hello time with girls i don’t see enough {yay!}

hello unseasonably gorgeous weather

hello new project i can’t wait to share this week

hello monday. it’s a new week!

what are you saying hello to this fine monday?

56 Responses

  1. Gussy says:

    i’m saying hello to YOU! :)

  2. Robin says:

    Hello “warmer weather” !
    Hello 20 degrees today!
    Hello maybe the sun will come out!
    Hello lightly falling snow!
    Hello crunchy, crunchy foot steps in the xnow!!
    Hello Monday spent with my 5 year old granddaughter, Cecelia!!
    Hello Lisa in sunny California!!!

  3. Tobie says:

    Hello one little word!
    Hello messy lived in home!
    Hello snow!

  4. gorgeous, gorgeous photos Lisa! and i just adore the one with your feet together :) xoxo

  5. Maria says:

    Hello Lisa,

    Have a Blessed week.

    Maria Ricci

  6. kerry says:

    Hello unseasonably cold weather!!!

  7. That was precious!!
    Happy Monday!
    xoxoxoxo :-)

  8. Chrissie says:

    Hello realtor coming to take pictures.
    Hello shoving lots of stuff into closets to make the house look cleaner.
    Hello productive homeschool day and art class.
    Hello missing you!

  9. Piper says:

    Hello Kansas City
    Hello thrift store shopping with the hubs
    Hello evening with my 9 month old niece
    Hello new job possibility!
    See ya tomorrow, old and dear friends!

  10. Allison says:

    A very LARGE cup of coffee! Just can’t wake up today!

  11. Katie Snow says:

    Hello sick six year old home from school!
    Hello cabin-fever crazed two and four year old at home with sick sister!
    Hello Calgon? Do they still make Calgon?

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  13. tara says:

    Hello to a frigid Monday! Only -15 this morning! Hello to a warm sewing room! Hello to new pillows for my shop! Hello extra cup of coffee. Can’t wait to hear what your new project is!

  14. connie says:

    Hello ~ makeover monday…I”m so excited to be headed in for a much needed haircut and style.
    Hello~lunch with hubbs…
    Hello~work, colors, decals, samples, mockups,shipping, it’s gonna be a fabulous week!
    Hello Lisa~ off to ooogle a few of your necklaces!

  15. Sarah says:

    Hello to a brand new day!
    Hello to wholesome meals (and some sweets thrown in for good measure).
    Hello to friend time, family time, husband time, and alone time.
    Hello, snow day (?)

  16. Jennifer says:

    hello to a week that will hopefully be better than the last! :) Gorgeous photos, Lisa!

  17. Prudence says:

    hello new house we just bought, without our current one being sold yet… hello craziness and trust in God.

  18. Paige says:

    hello to more snow, a pineapple scented candle, and grocery store tulips! is it spring yet?

  19. Mandi says:

    Saying hello to very, very chilly temperatures here! It was in the negatives last night and a whopping 1*F this morning!

  20. nicole says:

    hello to -13 degrees Farenheit,
    hello to not wanting to get out of jammies,
    hello to a 2hr. school delay, &
    hello to hot cocoa and a napping baby !

  21. Ainsley says:

    I love reading Hello Monday! Thanks for a sweet start to the week!

  22. Melissa says:

    hello to you!
    hello to monday!
    hello to too much homework!
    hello to coffee!
    hello to catching up!

  23. Nicole says:

    hello cold weather.
    hello college.
    hello driving the suburban again.
    hello friends i haven’t seen for six weeks!

  24. hello slushy road.
    Hello chilly morning.
    Hello foggy.
    Hello kids.

    Happy Monday!

  25. Linda says:

    Hello pap smear.

    I know… are jealous.

  26. Leigh says:

    LOL!!!! On the pap smear comment…

    Hello cleaning out my PANTRY!!
    Hello poor 16 month old teething with molars…
    Hello MOTRIN!!
    Hello Atlanta with beautiful blue skies today

  27. laurie says:

    Hello more snow days here in Kentucky.
    Hello to lunches with girlfriends tomorrow!
    Hello to losing 42 pounds and looking forward to Summer!!!

    (wish I was saying hello to you at blissdom, maybe next year!)

  28. Gina says:

    I am going to say hello to some yard work – we have gorgeous weather in beeoootiful Austin, too! I am going to count it as my exercise of the day.

  29. Kristin says:

    Hello Freezing Cold Weather……Hello New Work Week…..Hello beautiful new ring :)

  30. Nancy says:

    I am saying hello to another week of trusting in the Lord!

    BTW, i ran into an friend of mine at church this weekend. I bought her the hope is the thing necklace for xmas. She is a mid thirtys gal who is battling breast cancer. She was so lovely in church with her pink scarf on her head. She once again reminded me that she gets sooo many compliments on it and think you are awesome. She is also a jewelry designer too! This week she enters into the mid grade chemo part and expects to be wiped out with fatigue. Thanks for making her smile!!!

  31. Paige says:

    Hello Monday! Hello below zero wind chills on Long island today. Brrrrr!!!! Hello new pair of great sued boots! Hello my found Brighton charm bracelet. (I was looking for it for a few weeks now!) Hello Lisa Leonard!

  32. Leanne says:

    Hellllllloooooo…it’s so cold that my eyeballs froze while i packed the groceries into the car. foz-en eyeballs.

  33. Lacy says:

    Hello to 10 weeks pregnant! :o)

  34. Mary says:

    hello sweet Baylen 2 snow days last week so no baby. Monday he returns and I will cuddle him, very cold here in KY hello to all especially David and get well soon

  35. April says:

    I find myself commenting more and more here …
    I love the hello monday posts and find myself saying hello monday all the time now :)

    Happy day …

  36. kristin says:

    hello 12 degrees weather
    hello warm cup of tea
    hello drawing and cutting out fairies with my little girl
    hello oprah
    hello to hibernating like a big bear (:

  37. Heidi M says:

    Hello, Monday mush-brain!
    Hello, new exercise regimen.
    Hello, Lisa Leonard Designs!!! Why did it take me so long to find you?
    Have a blessed Monday!

  38. To another beautiful day here in SoCal and a nice weekend with my work traveling hubby!!

  39. Tina Kay says:

    Hello Spring weather in SoCal
    Hello to an unknown future (yay!)
    Hello Crochet project

  40. Sarah-Anne says:

    Hello post idea for today! Mind if I use the idea? I’ll give you credit and everything… :)
    Great photos as always!

  41. Kelli says:

    Hello cup of cocoa with cinnamon and chile powder!
    Hello grocery shopping with my littlest at Trader Joe’s after nap!
    Hello Lisa! Happy travels this week!

  42. hello time to myself (kids skiing with daddy). yipee!

  43. Jennifer L. says:

    hello homeschool.
    hello homemade soup & bread.
    hello realizations.

  44. Philippa says:

    Hi Lisa, loved this post – gorgeous photos and love those shoes!
    I’m saying hello to sheer frustration at too many things not going right. This makes me sad because I am a very positive person usually and it’s not pretty when I’m frustrated! So………
    Hello to a positive attitude! Smiles xxx

  45. Jeri Taira says:

    A day off with my hubby – good food, good movie, lots of rest. Hello Monday!

  46. Katy says:

    ear infections. :(

  47. Ruth Yoder says:

    Hello busy day. Power went out, the washer overflowed, and I got pulled over. I’m looking forward to Tuesday. :)

  48. Sheila says:

    Hello Cold/Congestion :(
    Hello Beach which made me feel so much better (amazing what some quiet time and a walk in the sunshine can do!)
    Hello Senior project
    Hello Homemade Jam
    Hello Beautiful day!!

  49. Angelica says:

    Hello to finally getting organized and tossing stuff that I really don’t need. Less is more and manageable.

  50. ~michelle~ says:

    Right now, “hello Bachelor”!! It’s Monday night and my total lush night- I don’t even answer the phone on Monday nights, LOL! 😉
    Love this post!

  51. Andrea-Elena says:

    I’m wantin’ to say HELLOOOO!!! to those adorable blue shoes, Lisa. Lemme guess: another fab Target purchage, right?! 😀

  52. Celeste says:

    I’m wearing those same gray shoes right now … $4 Target find… LOVE them!

  53. Amy says:

    Hi Lisa – love this! I’d love to use this idea – is that okay with you??

  54. Lindsey says:

    Hi Lisa!
    I just love your blog and your sweet, “sunny” posts. I’m a student at Poly and just wanted to offer babysitting if you still need it! Would love to meet you and your sweet boys. I sent LLD an email that Claire said was sent on to you. It has more details and contact info. I’m hoping you got it :)

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