i thought it would be fun to share some of our christmas decorations around the house today!
hello DIY doormat! {you can find this project here}

hello Christmas music playing in all the stores

hello living room without a christmas tree {we need to get on that!}

hello nativity scene –up high enough so david can’t reach it

hello putting lots of things up where david can’t reach them

hello trying to think of creative ways to keep him entertainedhello glowing candles {you can find this project here}

hello twinkly lights {i love white ones}

hello driving around to see how people have decorated for the holidays

hello gorgeous velvet pumpkins from lovefeast table. {you can find them here and they’re on sale!}

hello pulmonology appointment for david in LA

hello to being healthy–we’re on the mend at our house!hello advent calendar {a gift from grandma!}

hello counting down to the big day-hello planning and shopping and working to get ready

hello monday! it’s going to be a fabulous week.

what are you saying hello to today? leave a comment and let us know–or link up in the comments! happy monday!