hello monday

hi friends! friday david’s cold seemed to be improved, but our weekend went awry when late saturday evening it was clear david was worse, not better. so i took him to the emergency room and he was admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia! it’s amazing what a round of strong antibotics and IV fluids can do–the next day he was so improved, they let us go home. {yay!}

hello home!  goodbye hospital.

hello our own beds and a good night’s sleep.

hello wellness. we’re so OVER this cold.

hello gorgeous sunset in morro bay

hello taco temple {one of my fave restaurants}

hello taquitos and dulce de leche

hello mound of laundry i didn’t tackle this weekend

hello pink blooms and sunshine

hello shiny, new week, we’re ready for you!

what are you saying hello to today?


  1. I am glad to read that David is doing good! My son had pneumonia last summer (!!!!) and it has really scared me!
    Take care and best wishes to your wonderful boy!

  2. aww, its no fun having sick kids. So glad he is feeling better!
    I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now – its definitely become one of my favorites.
    It wasn’t until this post that I realized you live in Moro bay! My brother lives in Morro bay also (Gardens by Gabriel – if you ever need awesome landscaping design) 🙂
    Anyway, I’m in Alabama, but we ALWAYS eat at Taco Temple when we’re out visiting my brother! Yum!
    This blog world is so big and yet sometimes so small 🙂

  3. oh lisa, bless your heart, poor guy. glad the antibiotics kicked it to the curb.hello to a permanent laundry pile. hello to my favorite blogs. hello to paint and brushes and art.

  4. this stuff ALWAYS happens on the weekend (dr. is closed) or at 4:30 on friday afternoon….i’m happy that david responded so well to his meds. welcome home!

  5. Get well soon, David!

    Hello new semester at the high school where I teach!
    Hello nothing to grade tonight (see above!)!
    Hello sweet daughters who are so happy today!
    Hello cleaning my master bath that is overly-due for a cleaning (after I read this blog, naturally)!
    Hello grocery shopping with my fave shopping partner, who is nearly 2 years old!
    Hello new episode of “How I Met Your Mother”!
    And hello to updating my blog tonight (www.freshscratch.wordpress.com) {it’s much improved thanks to WIDGETS: who knew??)!

  6. hello snow (again!) in nashville. hello kelle hampton’s blog (where LL designs are featured!). hello to a sick friend and lots of prayers. hello to one week until valentine’s day. hello to surviving monday!

  7. Lord have mercy! I am so glad he was able to get good meds and fast! Will light a special candle for him today!

    I am saying hello to a new week, to a snowy cloud day, to my second french class and learning new things…

  8. Oh my I know how hard it is when our babies are sick. What a worry. Hope he is on the mend finally, poor little guy. Oh and we love Taco Temple. Eat there every time we are in Cambria. Yeah, we are going up next weekend. Need my fix.

  9. So happy to hear David is better, that is never fun, I’ve had my fair share of ER’s.
    hello coconut flour chocolate chip cookies, that I have perfected.

  10. Hello to happiness. I’m so glad that David is better! How scary to think you are dealing with a cold and have it turn out to be pneumonia! I’m also trying to figure out which of your fabulous designs I want that encompass my four kids, in a necklace. (Asking my husband for a necklace for V-day)

  11. Doesn’t it feel so good when your baby is finally doing better? That you can sleep with less stress and not have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to check on them. Thankful for you and that David is doing better.

    Hello to hummingbirds and a blustery day.
    Hello once again to schoolwork for the children.
    Hello to hot chocolate with cinnamon.
    Hello to spring being near!!!

    I love your cherry blossoms picture!

  12. hello to more snow and possibly more later in the week.
    hello to being outside for the first time in about week (surgery).
    hello to tons of reading that needs to be done.
    hello to cooking up some yummy food!

  13. Sweet boy … goodness, that is no fun! Not what you expected for this weekend … so glad to hear he’s on the mend.
    I’m saying ‘hello’ to taking care of loose ends to get our company’s open enrollment wrapped up! 🙂

  14. Glad he’s better. There will always be laundry, right?

    Hello to a fresh new week with no extraneous events! They’re calling for snow this week which would be our third and I’m so ready for it to be spring!

  15. Not sure what I would do without your pictures to use as my screensaver… Love the pink blooms, especially on this very rainy, dreary, ugly Monday in South Alabama. So glad DAVID is doing better! Today I am saying hello to a short work week……

  16. Hello to a very busy week — they come around more often than I would like.

    Hello lots and lots of toys for playing around every inch of the house.

    Hello to an “almost” brand new mini-van! We never dreamed we would get one, but we have!

  17. Happy that David is getting better!

    Hello plumbing problems! Not a happy camper, but it should get better. 🙂

  18. Your positive attitude is amazing Lisa! And positively infectious! Glad David is feeling better… so sorry about all you had to go through to get back to the road to better. Those blooming branches are amazing!
    For me:
    Hello to a busy work week
    Hello to many families at my school for conferences
    Hello to a renewed commitment to taking care of myself
    Hello to positive thoughts

  19. hello classroom, hello 25 darlings, hellow 104 temperature to my own little darling, hello to the sunshine (rare now a days)

  20. Sorry to hear about your weekend….
    I am saying hello to snow, snow and more snow. Not much I can do about it so I’m going to just go with it. It is awfully pretty out there.

  21. Hello to a new week before was very long ….
    My husband with a sprained foot and my little Isabel aftermath of the vaccine.
    It is less to start indie bussness:)))
    Hello afternoon coffee
    I am very happy that David is better

  22. hello to working out because not only did i skip working out yesterday, but i ate way too much food! (superbowl sunday!!)

  23. I love your blog.It makes my heart so incredibly happy I can’t stand it. You make your life so full regardless. You are one of my “do it anyway” girls and I just wanted to Thank you!

    My role model of choice!

  24. i’m saying hello to interviews, a lunch meeting, and then more interviews! busy, busy day.

    {i’m also saying hello to a little more free time on my calendar later this week. i’m looking forward to it already ;] }

  25. Hello happy gorgeous LL photos!
    Hello week free of doctors because I’m being stubborn and refusing to go in to see any of them. (everyone needs a week off every now and then!)
    Hello planning on getting my things squared away so I can pack up and move back to the States!!!!!!

  26. So glad that David’s doing better – the science nerd in me says to make sure he finishes the whole round of antibiotics, even though he feels better!

    Those pink blooms are absolutely gorgeous, and they’re making me so sad that all I seem to be able to photograph lately is snow. Spring will be so, so appreciated.

    1. hi anni! don’t worry, we did one round of rocephin antibotics, and he’ll finish up the zithromax treatment too. xo

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