Our English cousins visited over Christmas. It was such a wonderful time of being together; exploring and relaxing. The kids all get along pretty darn well. Pictured below is Phoebe who really, really wanted to help take care of David. One morning she wanted to feed him breakfast, so I got the food ready, gave her a quick lesson and she went for it.

Phoebe was very careful and attentive and David was very patient. Food got everywhere, it was messy, but also, such a sweet, tender moment. Phoebe is five years old and David is fifteen. Even with the large age gap, she can do what he can’t–and it’s heartbreakingly beautiful. I felt a mix of joy and sadness watching them together. But mostly I felt love–Phoebe’s love and acceptance toward David. She looks past his disability and loves him just as he is.

It made me wonder how many times I don’t accept help, even when I need it. Helping someone else and accepting help means we meet each other in our brokenness. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Hello taking time to notice other’s needs. In my busyness it’s so easy to rush through my day.

Hello accepting help from others. It’s easier for me to offer help than accept it. Deep down I think accepting help feels like weakness–which is so untrue. We need each other.

Hello reading this book. So good–and she was 17 when she wrote it!

Hello Christmas planning already! There is fun stuff ahead.

Hello Mom 2.0. Are you going? I’ll be there.

Hello overalls. Aren’t these cute?

Hello watching this series on Netflix. It’s kinda creepy but so good. If you liked Stranger Things, you’ll like this.

Hello fighting a migraine the last few days. So yuck. Thankfully it’s low level.

Hello meetings and email and projects this week.

Hello blogging. It’s been a few weeks. Feels good to get back into a rhythm.

Hello to you! What are you saying hello to this week?