Last week I could not find my rhythm. Every day I felt like I was running from thing to the next–constantly behind. I think it takes me a week to recover from being out of town. Plus I got some kind of a stomach bug. This weekend we found some time to relax and regroup. I’m hoping to begin this week with a clear head.

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello morning at the beach. We got to celebrate a first birthday with friends. So fun!

Hello new glasses for Matthias–and me. Looks like I need to be wearing glasses on a regular basis now.

Hello celebrating Steve’s 43rd birthday. We had an English breakfast with scones and clotted cream and it reeeeally made me miss our English cousins. In the evening we went to a Shins concert and had a blast!

Hello spending time cleaning the house this weekend and then feeling irritated when anyone leaves anything anywhere. It’s seriously impossible to keep a house clean!

Hello warm days but cooler nights. The nights feel like fall–it’s so chilly!

Hello trying to use peel and stick wallpaper and failing miserably.

Hello camera that needs a tune up. It’s not working and I hope it’s fixable. I love my camera.

Hello ants all over the house. It’s a nightmare!

Hello making fish tacos and homemade salsa this week.

Hello reading this book {I got an early copy}. It’s SO GOOD. Go order it right away!

Hello eating red licorice from a big tub that’s leftover from the summer. At this rate I’m going to finish the whole thing by myself.

Hello working on some designs and drawings and hoping Matthias will show me how to use his drawing tablet.

Hello to YOU. It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found

What are you saying hello to this week?