hello california christmas

We had a fun relaxing Christmas day with family. Last year we were in England–the Christmases were so different, each amazing in its own way. Our California Christmas was surprisingly chilly this year–it only got up to about 56*–which for our part of California is cold!

I’ve got lots of pics to share. How about some hellos for a brand new week?
Hello tiny tree. We stayed in an Airbnb and I brought a little tree with us.

Hello berries and blurry boys walking to the car.

Hello love.

Hello pug butts.

Hello pretty table and llama wrapping paper for a tablecloth.

Hello cuddles with grandma.

Hello aunties.

Hello kisses and being silly.

Hello spiderman. We were all so happy he made an appearance!

Hello bright eyes and smiles.

Hello playing a game. Prizes were wrapped under various layers of saran wrap. One person tries to unwrap as fast as they can while the person next to them is trying to roll doubles with two dice. It was so fun!

Hello smooches from auntie

Hello cutie pug.

Hello helping daddy play guitar.

Hello Lucy the dog who’s almost a human.

Hello finally getting the cold I’ve avoided for weeks. It caught up with me.

Hello not sleeping well and feeling extra thankful for good coffee.

Hello wrapping paper and boxes to clean up.

Hello absolutely loving this children’s book.

Hello wondering how long we can leave our Christmas tree up. I love the twinkle lights.

Hello to you. It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. I love my love and loss stackable rings. I lost my precious son of 32 years in August to complications of brain cancer. People ask me about my rings and I get to tell them about my son,his memory will live on! Thank you

  2. When sending a ring back to be resized, what address do I use? And how much would it be?

    The rings purchased:
    SKU: LLR005-SI-LLR005-SI-LLR005-SI-MATTE-GDI1.5H-I/I/I3-15-RSZ6.5
    metal type- sterling silver metal finishmatte brush finish quantity of diamonds15 – 1.5mm genuine diamonds H-I/I/I3 ring sizesize 6.5 1 $188.00

    stacking rings {sterling silver}

    SKU: LLR004-SI-LLR004-SI-RSZ6.5-RSZ6.5
    metal type- sterling silver ring 1size 6.5 customize ring 1gage ring 2size 6.5 customize ring 2beaux

    I’ve searched your entire website and could not find the answers? I’ve tried to call and did not get through.

    Please help ASAP,
    Thank you, I am anticipating your reply, so I can make it to the post office, today.


    A nervous grandma

  3. Hello Life!!!

    I am so thankful I found you! The rings you made me are a beautiful reminder of my Mom who passed away at 48 from liver cancer in 1988. Thank you!


  4. Hello to you. Hey. Leave your twinkle lights up as long as you want. I leave my lights, tree, decorations, cards I’ve received and hung up at least for a week after New Years. I love the colors of everything and hate to take them down.

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