hello breakfast all day

Breakfast all day sounds great to me. Coffee+eggs+bacon=YUM! Plus I love eating out. My sister has an adorable cafe in her neighborhood. A perfect morning consists of rolling out of bed, putting on some shoes and walking a few steps to sit down for breakfast.

It’s Monday, how about some hellos?

Hello breakfast. The perfect way to start a good day.

Hello rain and rain and more rain. We have a ‘pineapple express’ moving through California which means rain and more rain.

Hello sneaking the pups out for walks between rain showers.

Hello whole30. Our family is going to give it a try. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Hello feeling thankful coffee is whole30 approved. Except no cream. We’re planning to try bulletproof coffee. Have you tried it?

Hello back to school. The boys were off for two and half weeks. It was awesome but now it’s back to the routine!

Hello new year, fresh start, and a new chance to dream big. What does 2017 hold for us?

Hello Harry Potter Marathon. We’re rematching all the movies and they are so awesome!

Hello new sheets on our bed. I can’t say enough about these amazing sheets. Affordable and sooo soft. I’m in love!

Hello to you! It’s a brand new week and a brand new year. What are you saying hello to today?


  1. Bulletproof Coffee is a lifesaver on the Whole 30! I hope you’re enjoying it. I admit, I don’t have the official, trademarked products, but I make something similar and it’s so yummy. I drink it every day, Whole 30 or no Whole 30. I’m doing one too…like so many others 🙂 I hope it’s going well for you! There’s so much support out there and great meal ideas everywhere you look.

    I’m also a Harry Potter fan. Beautiful storytelling.

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