To ring in the new year, we set my camera on a tripod and used a flashlight to create some art. i set the shutter speed slow so we could move the flashlight around to create various shapes and designs. the kids had a blast {and the adults did too!}
hello creating art with light

hello celebrating new year’s at 9:30pm, and then heading to bed

hello cousins and aunties and grandma and friends–so fun!hello 2012–what?!

hello fresh start and new beginning

hello making goals and dreaming of what this year might holdhello house that needs some TLC after having family visit

hello taking down Christmas decorations–and making things clean and open again

hello back to school tomorrowhello praying we can stay healthy for a while {david has been sick for the last 2 months}

hello south beach–we have been eating waaay to many sweets. it’s time to get healthy again

hello laundry. i think i have 10 loads waiting for mehello first Monday of 2012. It’s a new week and a new year! Let’s get going!

What are you saying hello to  today? Leave a comment or link up in the comments section. Happy New Year!