easiest outfit ever {hello monday}

A worn in denim top, flowy skirt, comfortable sandals and pink lip gloss makes for maybe the easiest outfit ever. And the perfect thing for a morning where I don’t have much brain power!

Are you ready for a brand new week? I’m not sure if I am–but ready or not, it’s here. How about some hellos?

{outfit details: Skirt and belt, ever+mi crush. Denim top {similar} Target. Sandals, thrifted. Peach bangle, thrifted. Saffron bracelet, my shop. Gold tiny cross necklace, my shop.}

Hello feeling loved. Don’t you think Mother’s Day is a great thing? Moms should be celebrated. Steve and I both have amazing mothers.

Hello getting ready to head to St. Louis because Steve has earned his doctorate–and we’re heading back for the ceremony. So proud of you, babe!

Hello laundry. and more laundry.

Hello eating healthy. We’re going on week three of avoiding sugar and carbs. I have more energy and I love that!

Hello sniffly David. boo!

Hello haircuts. I need one and so does David. Matthias got one last week and looks spiffy.

Hello sunshine. Love.

Hello more coffee. Just a little bit more and I’ll be ready to go.

Hello thankful for a brand new week!


  1. Love that long flowy skirt! Your outfits are always so fun! Congratulations to you husband on his doctorate, what an accomplishment! I’m saying hello to healthy eating too, I had planned on it because I was feeling sluggish lately, but now I’m getting married in 4 months so I have a bigger reason! My week is going to be filled with fun wedding errands, so no complaints from me:) Have a great week!

  2. Hey Lisa,
    Would love for you to show/share how you “do” your hair 🙂 or have you done that already? Love and am blessed by your blog!
    God bless and thanks,

  3. When will you be in St. Louis? We live in the suburbs but LOVE our city. . .will you have time to do touristy things? do you need a tour guide? *wink*

    Congratulations to Steve! and you look lovely as always!

  4. You look so gorgeous and confident and free spirited. I can just tell people would be drawn to you for a sense of comfort in a crowded room. I love your hair! Mine is a very similar type, but I just cannot seem to own it like you do. Thanks for hosting!

  5. What a great Monday update. As I read about your husband graduating with his PhD I have to admit tears began to well up. Attending Dr. Kyle’s PhD graduation (with our littles and both of our extended families) ranks right up there with our wedding day and the birth of our kids. I’m so glad you all will be traveling up there to celebrate together. A joy-filled time awaits you!!

  6. quick question- how do you drink coffee while avoiding sugar? black?- ew. curious since I’m also trying to avoid sugar and carbs but I like my coffee with practically equal parts milk/sugar. 🙂 Thanks for a great blog…

  7. Happy Monday to you! Congrats to Steve!! That’s awesome! You are a woman on the move with all that traveling! We are going to spend Forth of July weekend in St. Louis! It is only 3 hours from us! Have a fantastic (no carbs) week! Love you, Sister!

  8. congrats go to Steve. daughter and grandkids visiting for a couple months so I understand laundry. coffee – yes please! beautiful outfit!

  9. hello Lisa hello…love that denim shirt…I have one too and it’s like a good friend, always ready to help me out when I need it…have a super week…xxoo Jen

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