Spending the Holidays with Pipsticks {Giveaway – CLOSED}


This holiday season I’m trying to embrace real moments – in everything I do. That means letting the mess be part of the memory. It means taking the pressure off to be perfect. I know this idea has resonated with many of you. The more we give each other grace and let each other be imperfect, the more love and freedom {and fun!} we experience.

We had the absolute privilege of photographing Maureen Vazquez and her (real!) family for our holiday line. How adorable are they?! They just moved to our town {San Luis Obispo} and they are settling in as a family. They own their own {totally inspiring and amazing} business and they are busy with kiddos. This family shines with real love.


Maureen launched Pipsticks, a subscription sticker club, a year ago. She aims to inspire kids, crafters and sticker lovers – and, to help parents, grandparents and gift givers. Pipsticks sends a curated selection of stickers to its subscribers every month. Isn’t this awesome?!

As a mom, she really appreciates hands-on  projects for her kids. Pipsticks sticker packs arrive with loads of stickers as well as paper and postcard so that kids can use the pack completely unassisted. The whole pack, from packaging to sticker selection, is totally child-friendly – giving parents a chance to take a break (or just cook dinner in peace and quiet) once in a while.

Pipsticks is a GREAT present: new and different each month, inspires creativity, doesn’t add to an overcrowded toy chest, and is geared toward whatever your budget may be. Maureen has generously offered a 15% off code to our community! Through the holidays, use code ‘LISA15’ to save.


And now it’s giveaway time!

Who on your list would love a Pipsticks subscription? Tell us why you need more stickers in the comments for a chance to win a 3 month gift sticker subscription! Winners will be announced early next week! One entry per person. Woohoo!


Pipsticks is such a perfect Christmas gift! When you subscribe, don’t forget to use code LISA15 to save 15%!

 I hope you win a 3 month subscription! Leave a comment and tell us why you need more stickers!! Yay!


We have a WINNER! Lisa S.! We just sent you an email. Thanks all for participating!



  1. My kids are a bit older (although are you ever too old for stickers?), but I would love to gift a subscription to my 3 year old nephew. He’s always trying to keep up with his older siblings and cousins – I think he would love to receive something in the mail just for him that he could do himself. Thanks for the chance!

  2. This would be so enjoyable for my almost 4yr old as she is dragged to her three older siblings various sports and lessons. Good to keep in the car and pull out for those moments!

  3. How cute! Such a sweet idea. My little 6 year old daughter would be thrilled with this for a gift! Thanks both of you ladies for the fun giveaway 🙂

  4. My little one loves stickers! He occasionally will just put them one on top of the other in a giant stack, but at least he’s having fun!

  5. My little niece loves and adores stickers.
    So does my son. They get stickers for helping around the house a little.

  6. My cousin is expecting her fourth. With the other three consumed with a fun Activity on their own, she can love up the new baby guilt free for a few minutes. 🙂

  7. My son Andrew would love these – and would love sharing them with his friends. ❤️

    I just ordered three of your rings. Thank you for the Christmas discount! Happy Holidays!

  8. we have four grandbabies who we don’t get to kiss but maybe twice or three times a year–these stickers would be like kisses from afar from us! xoxo

  9. I was in the middle of an order and the site went down. Does anyone know if this happens often or usually for how long?

  10. My Son and his wife, took in her little 4 year old cousin, over a year ago. She spent over a year with us and we grew to love her like our own! She has bounced from Grandmother to parents, through nasty situations, no intelligent, beautiful, and spirited little girl should be faced with! She is now with her maternal Grandmother, we stay in touch and see her from time to time. We love her and she loves loves stickers! I am always looking for something unique to send her… this is perfect! Would love to include this subscription…
    Thank YOu!

  11. There is a family that is going through a very trying time right now. I send their children a letter, stickers, Bible verses, cards each week just to bless them 🙂 I’d love to put some more stickers in there! 🙂

  12. I’m a nanny for a three year old little girl who just loves stickers! It doesn’t matter if they’re from junk mail or a pack of her favorite Disney character stickers….she is all about the stickers! She could use some new stickers in her life!

  13. These
    Lipsticks would be for my granddaughter, Lillian (age 6). She loves them! And, I don’t believe a day goes by that she doesn’t use them. Lillian is now using them in her artwork to help illustrate. I’m so very proud of her!
    Thank you so much.

  14. We need more stickers because stickers = joy to my (and probably any) 3 and 5 year old. There’s no technology, just creativity and fun. Plus it’s so hard to find stickers that aren’t cartoon characters of some kind. I love Pipstick’s idea of totally custom designs and would love to see what they come up with!

  15. My two little girls love, love, love stickers! This would be perfect for them and bring hours of fun! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  16. I have a granddaughter who is my partner in crafting. She would love this. She will be 7 in January. Thanks for the chance.

  17. these are seriously SO cute!! i have a 6 and 4 year old and they LOVE stickers so they would have so much fun with these. Really cute.

  18. I’d like to receive the subscription and then give away the stickers to people who would appreciate them most. For example, I have a friend who loves mustaches, so I would give her the mustache stickers. I also have lots of nieces and nephews who I’d give stickers to depending on the theme.

  19. I would love this because I would donate to Reins In Motion Foundation, an amazing adaptive horseback riding program that works with kids and adults. I volunteer there and love working with the kids. I can think of so many ways they could use the stickers, from using in a lesson to just blessing a child for doing a great job! Thank you for the contest! I love your jewelry and your blog!

  20. My daughter has ADHD and we have found that she stickers is one activity that she will actually sit still for! This would be a perfect way for her to see that she could use her energy in a creative/positive way. Thanks for the contest!

  21. So fun!! I am buying for my 6 year old niece this year for our family Christmas gift exchange and I would love to gift her with a sticker subscription! (What kid doesn’t love getting mail? And getting stickers in the mail?! Even better!)

  22. My daughter loves stickers, and can never get enough. This would make a great gift for her and I know her grandparents would love to receive some of her fun creations! Such a fun idea!

  23. My youngest daughter is 7 and often lost in the drama of her 2 teenage sisters. I recently bought her some stickers for a gift and was again reminded of how much little girls love them. My precious Greta would LOVE a sticker subscription!!!

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