how to: heart-shaped pancakes

We’re a BIG pancake family. We eat pancakes a few times a week and we love them! Sometimes we keep batter on hand so we can make some pancakes quickly on busy mornings. The pancakes we make are fairly low carb and gluten free. You can find a similar recipe here {I use half the amount of oats and I add cinnamon and a little bit of vanilla}. With our love of pancakes and my love of all things heart-shaped, it seemed like heart-shaped pancakes were in order.

The secret to making heart-shaped pancakes in using one of the condiment bottles with a little bit of thinned down batter to create an outline. I found this condiment dispenser on Amazon but you can find them anywhere!

Make sure your pan or griddle is hot. Create an outline of a heart and let it cook just a bit so the pancake holds it shape.

Then fill in the heart with batter. I use regular batter for this part–not the thinned down batter from the condiment bottle.

Add chocolate chips, blueberries, sprinkles or other yummy ingredients.

Stack them up and enjoy with butter, syrup, whip cream, strawberries–the works!

A special breakfast is fun but breakfast for dinner is a great option, too!

Once you’ve mastered the technique try making different shapes like flowers, Mickey Mouse, stars, etc!

Do you plan special breakfasts? Are you a pancake lover like we are?!

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