a viewmaster for dad!

Last year we ordered custom viewmasters for Steve for father’s day.

I think this is such a fun, creative gift. It’s also the perfect way to use your instagram photos and turn them into a tangible keepsake!

I also found a vintage viewmaster at one of my favorite thrift stores and it works with the new reels. You can create a reel with your own photos here. So fun!

I got a bunch of old photos from special moments and uploaded them to the site.

The boys were so tiny!

I added text to give it more sentiment. I took these pics through the viewmaster so you can see what a fun, vintage feel it has.

Steve loved it! I think it would be really fun to make a reel for different trips we take or special occasions.

We have it sitting out so guests can check out our photos too.

I need to finish up a few more things for father’s day. Are you ready?!


  1. This is an amazing idea!!! You are so creative! I was up in Carp the last week and couldn’t for the life of me remember which stores you are in up there. I went in Whimsy though, swoon. So cute!!

  2. What a fantastic idea!
    P.S. Is there a way to sign up to follow your blog through email? I tried the only box I saw, but it was for your store, not the blog.

    1. Thanks Arielle! There’s not a way to read my blog through email, but you can always add a favorites tab to your browser so you are able to hop right over! We also have a newsletter we send out. You can sign up at my shop’s site { http://www.lisaleonard.com }

  3. Big thankyou for this one! I love Viewmasters – still have mine from when I was a child. I think we’ll be trying this one ourselves…

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